A few degrees more of case temperature would have been better than an always existent fan noise. There aren’t any performance gains to be counted with in comparison to the old GMA graphic solution , as more precise tests with the Eee PC have shown. As pretty as the reflective surfaces may be to look at, everyday use turns out to be even more tedious. The user can also expect the common standards as communication modules with wireless LAN The Wind UUS is a much better value. Overall, an immense savings advantage remains anyway.

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The Asus is much lower with 4. If there now were suspicious case surface temperatures noticed, something would likely be badly wrong with the prototype.

Last month Liliputing ran a detailed comparison of the two machines. Dave Winer touchlad a hard time getting his Wind to connect to a couple of different Wi-Fi routers. As the picture almost remains unchanged in the optimal perpendicular viewing position “only” reflections impair the representationyou can also take delight in an unusually large stable viewing area on the vertical plane.

With a width of 62 millimeters it definitely can be counted to the widescreen inputs and the slightly roughened surface complies with our idea of a user-friendly pad. Well, we can basically verify the simplicity of handling the netbook, wine joy on design is an issue as such. Against Reflective bezel proves distracting Quickly attracts fingerprints and smears Touchpad too close to keyboard. Please share our article, every link counts! According to MSI, this should be limited to the international market as well.


As Netbooks go, a 3-cell battery is bottom-of-the-line and generally doesn’t offer much more than 2 hours of run time. CNET’s best of The front and back remain unfettered from connections. Touchpad MSI regards the touchpad built into the U as “wider and more attractive”.

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However, only the black alternative will be commercialized in Germany. However, my local Best Buy didn’t have it on display on Sunday, and the Best Buy Web site currently shows the machine as being back-ordered.

The Eee is always a few seconds faster in each runthrough, which however can’t really be determined subjectively in the performance of both netbooks.

Please, switch off ad blockers. The Wind keyboard is larger, I find the keyboard on the AA1 to be just a bit small for my adult-size fingers. Of course, in the first test of the new Intel range with the sounding name ” Pine Trail ” in Asus Eee PC pthe big question was to be answered: The MSI stays a bit behind the Asus p with points.

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We show the least amount of ads whenever possible. It’s almost impossible to handle the netbook without leaving related traces on it. The Wind U reaches up to 7 hours in the battery test.

Nftbook is a great price for a well-received inch Netbook. You get the usual Wind fare that correlates to entbook positioning in the netbook sector in terms of connectivity. The flood of netbooks appearing on the market is showing no signs of abating and the MSI U is one of the latest. Also, I use the Page up and Page down keys a lot and they are better positioned on the Wind keyboard.


Get an MSI Wind Netbook for only $ – CNET

The plain forms and the use of plastic remain. Whilst reflections are kept within limits indoors due to the good brightness, they quickly turn into anguish when the netbook is used outdoors. If a UMTS version of the netbook will be available is still unknown. If appropriate external speakers are attached activethen at least a reasonable music enjoyment should be within the realms of touchpax.

Get an MSI Wind Netbook for only $349

The touchpad is large and responsive, but positioned so close to the keyboard that it’s easy to brush while typing, causing irritating cursor behaviour. The netbook has basically taken a step toward Asus’ Eee PC. Changes in fan control can be made, as experience shows, via a simple driver update and is therefore possible until sales launch and also afterwards.