My bios setup is pretty standard I have not fiddled with the Power or fiddled with the latency for memory, or CPU should I? Could it be it is now a driver issue within XP? You’ll need to choose a username for the site, which only take a couple of moments here. It’s probably a combination of Bios and software settings, conflicting drivers etc Hi there, I decided to build my own kit based on the MSI p neo Motherboard, however the system keeps crashing, at random and often failing to reboot. Not the Fastrack ones for raid. When booting it says:

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So any ideas anyone?

MSI 875P Neo-FISR, 2 Ide, and 1 SATA device. Help

Ok, I need to know that if you can see the drives in Windows? HardDrive to CD burer.

WIndows XP now shows in the device manager with: I also should mention that when removing the Promise Raid driver from the device manager, then rebooting the 87p XP mentions it has found the Promise IDE controller I then installed the 1. No, create an account now. Hercules Fortissimo III 7. I was thinking it might be Hard disk related I checked on the msi forum site and there was an interesting article from Maseus see http: Hopefully, in the future, MSI will not have to work so feverishly with us on troubleshooting early BIOS issues with their motherboards, as enthusiasts will not stand for these types of problems.


Then I installed the drivers. Over the past few months it worsened. Walker, Nov 25, Please login or register.

You should try their configuration in BIOS and 1 of them will work out for you. In spite of everything no results: Thank You for at least reading my post. Do i need to flash the bios or is that a bit dangerous!! Otherwise leave it alone.

MSI P Neo-FIS2R – PE/P Motherboard Roundup June – Part 1: way Shootout

As we mentioned before, CoreCell is MSI’s own proprietary technology whose purpose is to regulate your ssta voltages and temperatures to better fit user’s needs. I’d probably be tempted to do a re-install on XP at this point but I re-install every few months so it may not be an option for you.

Do you already have an account? Right now it appears you’re stuck at installing the drivers and having XP accept them.

Repeat with the mis drive.

configure SATA and IDE disk on P NEO

The system has crashed on me now about 5 times, all needing rebuilds with the system either hanging trying to load the OS and sometimes crashing when using the OS and Nsi cannot work out what it is. There is a CoreCenter utility meant to tweak MSI’s CoreCell technology, but our best efforts to get this program to function properly failed. You can download the latest version of LiveUpdate by visiting this link.


All, did as had been suggested. Should the drives connected to the promise be recognized by the BIOS automatically?

Bios now set nep following: No The rest can be defaults. Another issue that we’ve heard users are having is frying boards after they have updated their BIOS. When I have this type of trouble I usually tear the board down to basic components and start over adding things one at a time to see where the problem starts.

The two ide devices are both optical devices. But it looks like it could be related to my problem and may fix it. Well, I’m not sure how to get it working for you.

Or something that could corrupt the hard disk? By continuing to use this 875l, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.