It’s not mandatory to use Saturn Parts here. Here are a few different wiring diagrams to try if you can find out which way yours are fire:. Crank triggering provides a more stable advance as there is no timing chain or belt and distributor gear jitter. The first sensor off the crank needs to be at least 5 teeth equally spaced, a wheel would be best and shouldn’t be too hard as most Audi’s use these anyhow. The rotary engine has a leading and a trailing ignition 2 plugs per rotor the leading fires first then the trailing fires a few degrees later.

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Again it is recommended that you ignitoin a db15 connector to the MS ECU in place of the LED’s, if using a 6 or 8cyl engine then fit a 25pin db connector instead of a 15pin. When running more than 2 spark coil outputs directly from the MS ECU it is recommended that you fit a new connector e.

Although this board uses surface-mount components, the layout is the same as in the V3 main board, apart from the omission of the DIY-oriented prototype area the 3. Here is the pinout of a typical dizzy mounted module, consult you Haynes manual if necessary. This setup therefore has multiple coils, usually 2 for a 4cy, 4 for a 8cy, etc. The diagram here shows the connections required for four channels e. A wheel will need to be fitted mdgasquirt the crank pulley, a VR sensor will need to be mounted to detect the wheel and a megassquirt of coil packs will need to be mounted onto the car.


Please see the Basic Config manual for more. Each of these VR conditioners is a very high input impedance amplifier. I have therefore assumed if you bought a V3. All the other features and functions of the toothed wheel software is available, including wasted spark for distributor-less installations. Meyasquirt signal below is a the output of 2 VR conditioners, one from each of the generic wheel blue and the second input red.


Here are a few different wiring diagrams to try if you can find out which way yours are fire:. As of Augustthe v2. The designers then decided to simplify the EFI design, and focus on managing the fuel injectors the EFI was also designed to control the spark plug ignition system if so desired. Ignore the Spark mode in this example, that will depend on your setup, main points here are: Read the Software manual for more info!!

Normally there should be a label on the coil saying it is for use in transistorized ignitions. The V3 circuit board can directly read from a VR sensor. If you do wish to use these then you will have to build a daughter board of some form to mount the components on.

So to be safe simply drill and file out a slot for a new DB15 connector where the LED holes are in the front panel.

Ensure you use a screened cable for te VR sensor’s signal from the sensor all the way to the MS ECU, 2 core audio phono cable is sufficient ground the screened core only at megadquirt end of the ECU e.

If you use more than 2 spark outputs youll need to use the db15 connector, but ensure you strengthen the traces on the board with copper wire or solder to the pin directly, also connect the outputs in pairs of pins, as per the instructions HERE.


When the edge of a tooth piece of ferrous metal passes them at high speed and at a very close proximity Gap of 0.

Ignition Control with MegaSquirt-II EFI controller

Without some experimenting it’s difficult to tell which way around it needs unless you can measure a working setup with a scope or meter or if you can find the information from people who have already got a set like you have running.

Topside view of V2.

I need some help here, anyone done a 3 rotor they can give me the info for? I have assumed that R37 and R38 are not installed on this diagram, these need to be removed and linked out with a peice of copper wire.

Normally a multi-toothed wheel or generic has a missing or filled in tooth to provide a reference point. Metasquirt first group buy of printed circuit boards was performed in When running more than 2 spark coil outputs directly from the MS ECU it is recommended that you fit a new connector e.

Tweaking the input resistor values as per the earlier version of the V3 VR conditioners in the circuits above, results in a much cleaner signal as shown below. This page has now been superceded, please click here. The code acts as a front end ahead of ignitioh normal MegasquirtnSpark system. The second BIP can then be wired like this: Hall or Optical input sensor wiring for V2.

If your engine has a toothed wheel e.