Check your Device Manager. The MS Device should reinstall on reboot. Right click on it and choose Properties. I just want to ask This may be greyed out without the driver installed properly. I’m not seeing anything right off that may be causing this. I totally missed the webcam.

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Sound on Dell Latitude D820

I don’t think this is part of the problem, but make sure to get your Windows updates caught up. Sometimes, apps like ltitude will mess with your audio. I tried all that you have suggested: If it was a conflict, I would expect that removing 1 of the 2 conflicting parts would be enough to fix it?

Thank you very very much to you musksnipe, and you rogvalcox for taking some time to help me out. After a while I figured I would enable the Windows XP boot logging to see if it reported anything suspicious.

Maybe some automatic update of Skype or QuickCam happened behind my back?

Then submit the post. Wow, Belarc puts out a lot of info! This may be greyed out without the driver installed properly. Also, what seems very e820 to me is that I had Skype installed on this laptop for over 1 year and QuickCam for a few months, and everything worked fine.


No more sound on Dell Latitude D820

Then when it is done processing, click “Save To File”. Belarc display results in html format with references to image files n the local hard drive.

We begin at the beginning. Would you have any further steps to suggest? I have tried many things: Then run CCleaner’s Registry tool, then shut down, reboot, and check your sound again. Are there any Unknown devices?

It stopped working all of a sudden, after nothing had apparently changed. I hope it is not too painful to read. It’s possible that’s where the conflict is, but I doubt it.

Windows Audio Service is automatic and started Volume controls are grayed out I installed d20 chipset I installed the audio driver In fact I had installed the chipset and audio driver before my original post, but I forgot to include it in my initial list. You must log in or sign up souhd reply here.

No more sound on Dell Latitude D | Support Forums

Hi musksnipe, Please find my comments below. It’s been a while and I’ve been dealing with Realtek mainly lately, but if I remember right, Sigmatel and Realtek are very similar in their problems. Your name or email address: Hi there, I am new to this forum. Check your Device Manager. Here is my Belarc report. Thanks for reminding me that those are problems, at times, too. Save it where you want to. Hi musksnipe, Thanks for the quick reply!


Come back to here after installing your audio, to be sure it is set properly Download your chipset and install it: I am ready to run any diagnostic tools suggested and to post results in this thread as suggested by anyone.

I just want to ask