But it’s consistent and repeatable. She doesn’t get her club shaft within 15 or 20 degrees of parallel on her backswing. You got me why more men don’t watch the women pros play. This video from around a year ago shows her swing face-on. Lesson of the Week: Most amateurs are hitting it all over the face.

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But keep in mind LPGA pros practice daily for hours and learned the game as children assuming most did. Swing Analysis – 4.

Doesn’t sound so hot, does it? Is she creating tons of lag on the downswing? They got famous for a reason.

I love her swing, everything you’ve said in the OP rings true. With a swing that doesn’t look powerful or overly athletic.

Swings don’t have to be perfect to work well; they just have to be dependable It amazes me that Mo Martin who averages off the tee can consistently shoot under par We were discussing a guitar solo of someone great, I forget who at the time, but the point is the music itself was simple, uncomplicated, and kind of wacky.

And don’t ask how I am a member of a country club on a teacher’s salary. His main contribution to the body of conventional golf swing knowledge is that most amateurs and lesser players are too slow overall, and especially in the backswing.

Maybe not one to be copied by ordinary golfers, but of all the girls who tried to make it to the top, Inbee, with her unorthodox swing, made it all the way to the summit. Heck, watch Ai Miyazato if you want to see slow.



As I say, give me her swing and results anywhere within an order of magnitude of what she consistently gets and I will be a happy golfer for zwing very long time. MPStrat, on 17 March – They should be studied just to see how they construct a score rather than how short they are from the tee. Golf Swing AnalysisInbee Park. Her swing speed is in the 93 – 95 mph range – probably at or even a bit slower than almost every male awing I play with.

Her swing doesn’t even look that powerful, does it?

John Neeson July 22, at 7: Every golfer I know would LOVE to shoot those scores, and if it would result in rounds in the sixties or even seventies most of the golfers I know would be willing to give up the yard drive to get it. Park averages ibee off the tee, and the fact that she can dominate the Tour hitting it that short tells you that she is a straight hitter who is accurate with the rest of her clubs, has a good short game, and is on a streak where she is making everything.

Why aren’t almost all the amateur male golfers imitating this swing?


Ruthless Golf: How Inbee Does It

A golf course in the Chicago area. Since I’m a teacher I see lots of these ladies out when I squeeze in 27 after work from 3: I think Inbee is a special talent. At the top of her backswing, the head of her club actually travels backward and parallel to the ground! The key here is her trailing elbow. I note that she has very little hip rotation going back and seems to be wide open at P6 but she still manages to square the club consistently, ibee what appears to be a lot of late forearm rotation.

Swing Analysis: Inbee Park | Wayne DeFrancesco

Posted by Mike at 4: Tony Jesselli Tonyj5 April 10, at Ai still managed to poke it out there yards. Yeon-Ouk Jung July 22, at 8: Notice how good her basics are — a one-piece takeaway, which means she’s connected to start her swing; she stays connected and doesn’t sway on the way back; she stays centered between her feet as she starts down that is, there’s no huge hip slide toward the targetand she finishes nice and balanced.

Good swing analysis on In-Bee, Wayne!