However, any type of substrate known in the art may be used in the methods of the present invention. Fluorescent-labeled nucleotides include, but are not limited to, fluorescein conjugated nucleotide analogs green fluorescence , lissamine nucleotide analogs red fluorescence. All processing and detection steps are performed simultaneously to all of the microarrays on the solid support ensuring uniform assay conditions for all of the microarrays on the solid support. Other methods of detection may be used employing colorimetric and radioactive for example, 32 P, 33 P, or 35 S reporters, or other reporters using methods known in the art Chen et al. With a codon usage table, synthetic genes can be designed with only the most preferred codon for each amino acid; with a number of common codons for each amino acid; or with the same or a similar statistical average of codon usages found in the table of choice. However, any type of substrate known in the art may be used in the methods of the present invention.

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The present invention further provides systems, particularly computer-based systems, which contain the sequence information described herein.

ID ER Pyrococcus horikoshii thermophilic dehydrogenase. Yxzc choice of the data storage structure will generally be based on the means chosen to access the stored information.

The present invention also relates to computer readable media and computer-based systems.

The sequence ID numbers for each of these genes are listed in Table 3. Array Hybridization The labeled nucleic acids from the two or more Bacillus cells are then added to a substrate containing an array of Bacillus GSTs under conditions where the nucleic acid pools from the two or more Bacillus cells hybridize to complementary sequences of the GSTs in the array.

In a further aspect, the present invention relates to a product of a protein or substance essentially free of a biologically active substance of the invention, produced by a method of the present invention. The solution will spread to cover the entire microarray. Polypeptides having a functional domain of interest and methods of identifying and using same.


In a preferred embodiment, the Bacillus cell is a Bacillus clausii cell. The strain may be a wild-type, mutant, or recombinant strain. Nucleic acid-binding chips for detecting glucose deficiency conditions within the scope of bioprocess control. In another preferred embodiment, the Bacillus cells are Bacillus megaterium cells. M Cell envelope biogenesis, outer membrane N Cell motility and secretion.

In one aspect, the two or more cells are the same cell. This spectinomycin resistance gene can later be removed by resolvase-mediated site-specific recombination. Such systems are designed to identify, among other things, genes and gene products—many of which could be products themselves or used to genetically modify an industrial expression host through increased or decreased expression of a specific gene sequence s.

USB2 – Methods for monitoring multiple gene expression – Google Patents

Compositions and methods for increased protein production in bacillus licheniformis. I decided to concentrate my legal practice on firearms law not only because I am a shooter and firearms enthusiast, but also to ensure that our inalienable Right to Keep and Bear Arms is never encroached upon.

This high degree of co-linearity between these two organisms can be exploited when yet unidentified genes or part of genes from the Bacillus licheniformis chromosome are to be cloned. A combination of methods was employed for gap closure including sequencing on fosmids Kim, U.

See, for example, U. Alternatively, modification or inactivation of the nucleotide sequence may be performed by established anti-sense techniques using a sequence complementary to the nucleotide sequence.

The codon usage tables can be based on 1 the codon used in all the open reading frames, 2 selected open reading frames, 3 fragments of the open reading frames, or 4 fragments of selected open reading frames. The present invention also relates to isolated genes of the chromosome of Bacillus licheniformis which encode biologically active substances and to nucleic acid constructs, vectors, and host cells comprising the genes as well as methods for producing biologically active substances yb by the genes and to methods of using the isolated genes of the complete chromosome of Bacillus licheniformis.


ID S Sorangium cellulosum protein Orf 4. Even longer probes may be used, bb.

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ID S Synechocystis sp phytochrome-related gene Cphl. CUSP read the coding sequences and calculated the codon frequency table shown in Table 4. Any detection method known in the art may be used.

For liquid-dispensing on a hydrophilic surface, the liquid will have less of a tendency to bead, and the dispensed volume will be more sensitive to the total dwell time of the dispenser tip in the immediate vicinity of the support surface.

Chemicals used as buffers and substrates were commercial products of at least reagent grade. Each PCR reaction employs Bacillus licheniformis chromosomal DNA as template for primer pairs that hybridizes to two genes in Bacillus licheniformis which has a known location, orientation and distance in the Bacillus subtilis homologs.

WOA2 – Methods for monitoring multiple gene expression – Google Patents

To investigate this hypothesis, a series of long range PCR amplifications were made using primers to Bacillus licheniformis sequences which were identified as homologues to specific genes in Bacillus subtilis.

Notify me of new comments via email. Each distinct Bacillus licheniformis gene i is disposed at a separate, defined position on the array, ii has a yzc of at least 50 bp, and iii is present in a defined amount between about 0.