Just ordered my second Hero3 after one became an anchor. If you continue to have an issue with your Access Token then please see this FAQ for more information. Be sure to buy the float back door and make sure it foats the entire camera including the suction cup mount. Luckily for me I also had the camera tethered to something. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Talk about a summer shred buzzkill. If interested let me know and I can post pics of the mount I made for the phone https:

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You will be too small with gopro wakeboarding. I did the video and edit. Had a gopro mount break and the camera fell off last night. So long as all camera doors are closed, Fusion is waterproof down to 5m 16ft without a housing. Please report inappropriate posts and people being dicks. In conditions like what you are talking about, I have had better luck using the permanent mounting plates that use the 3M tape.

Connected to the handle at all? I’m going to always post this as the best option This error message is only visible to WordPress admins There’s an issue with the Instagram Access Token that you are using.


Np floaty back door is kind of pain because it limits the range of motion on the mount, due to it being so thick. Found it floating a hundred yards back.

Up until now, I’ve used the chest harness to wzkesurf while wakeboarding or wakesurfing. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. The best footage we’ve obtained with wakeboard, wakesurf, or hydrofoil has been with the surfboard mount, the wrist mount, or a helmet mount.

Only tricky part is getting it to stay straight. Never Summer Wake Surfboards. Talk about a summer shred buzzkill.

Strap a float to it in case it wakfsurf off.

Wake | GoPole Mounts & Accessories

Wakeboarding, wakeskating, wakeskiing, boats, cables, winches, rails, kickers, etc. Water spots were an issue and I need to put something on the lens to help with beading. Submit a new link. Hey guys – I snagged a GoPro Hero 3 yesterday in hopes of capturing our wakesurf and wakeboard sets.

Selfish Stick Speaking of selfies… riding doubles at the park or behind the boat is always a good time; it can keep your riding fun and also allows for some of the best filming angles with a GoPro.


Where wakeusrf it apply? I have had the surfboard mount fall off the board a few times. Be sure to buy the float back door and make sure it foats the entire camera including the suction cup mount.

I’ve used a home made handle mount that has made for some good gopro footage.

Are GoPro Cameras Waterproof Without a Housing?

I recently bought one to record my wakeboard runs. That’s great if you’re a basket of fruit, but it’s a depressing way to document your life. Best angle Gorpo ever got is running a pvc pipe down gopdo rope and attaching it near the handle. The problem on our boat is most people cant point a camera in the right direction. Some where, some lake, there is a GoPro at the bottom. Plus as some have said, depending on what mounts you’re using, it may not do the job.

Wow, I’m surprised the surf mount could come off!

Saw an idea for a really simple one: