Hope this post is useful to someone. The application will not run properly. I have a working connection pool, and not only that, it’s free! By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Name of JConnect driver service User Name:

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The driver must have been compiled with SSL support. Your pool configuration looks like nonsense. Specify how long to wait for establishment of a database connection. I used Netbeans to automatically generate entities and entity session beans, then created a servlet to test the dependency injection was working.

The name should already be filled in with the name of the Driver PGDriver. It will have a name something like jdbc: This is now controlled by the protocolVersion property.

This is useful if you have an existing application that uses setString to set parameters that are actually some other type, such as integers, and you are unable to change the application to use an appropriate method such as setInt.


Your config should look more like this: When compatible is set to 7.

Creating a Connection Pool to PostgreSQL on Glassfish V3

You can test it by right-clicking and choosing connect if it’s not already connected then right click again and choose execute command. Select the connection you made earlier from the drop down list it will be something like jdbc: Alternatively, you can just paste http: The wizard will then ask which schema to use – the default is public.

Copy it and place the copy in the Glassfish v2.

The console will open in your browser. Hi, I’m trying to create postgrdsql Java Enterprise web application. It works fine and you can view table content and make database changes from Netbeans.

Sign up using Email and Password. The port number the server is listening on.

If the protocolVersion property is specified, the driver will try only the specified protocol which should be either “2” or “3”. Open the XML document.

Locate the jar file, which is probably located on C: But now my connection pool doesn’t work At the moment this controls two driver behaviors: You can now add them all add all then click next and follow the instructions on the wizard to set up a persistence unit and add the entity classes.


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Probably, this will be C: The following examples illustrate the glassfisy of both methods to establish a SSL connection. The default is five, meaning start using server side prepared statements on the fifth execution of the same PreparedStatement object.

The host name of the server. Right click the Drivers folder and choose New Driver. If stringtype is set to unspecifiedparameters will be sent to the server as untyped values, and the server will attempt to infer an appropriate type.

Connecting to the Database

I’ve tried adding a custom resource, settings below, but it made no difference to the connection pool problem. If you still have problems, try falling back to the basic data source: This property is only relevent for server versions less than or equal to 7.

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