Compact portable audio-display electronic apparatus with interactive inquirable and inquisitorial interfacing. Portable electronic device including keyboard and method of controlling the same. High resolution and high sensitivity optically activated cursor maneuvering device. Third Office Action dated Aug. Synchronization of camera images in camera-based touch system to enhance position determination of fast moving objects. The illumination points are dispersed about the light emitting surface with each illumination point representing a different position in the light emitting surface.

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The light panel may also be widely varied.

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In accordance with some embodiments of the invention, data from the detectorsmay be periodically processed by the computing device to monitor the typical intensity level of the energy beams that are directed across the surface of the touch screen when no touch is present. Australian Office Action issued Nov. Coordiante input and detection device and information display and input apparatus.

Where Debian goes, so tends Ubuntu.

In either cases, each of the nodes works independent of the other nodes so as to produce simultaneously occurring signals representative of different points on the touch screen For example, the approximated coordinates may be determined using slope line calculations.

The light distribution mechanism may include for example light pipes or light guides that allow the light sources to be placed away from the sensing field.

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A detectorcan be any device that is capable of detecting e. Methods and apparatus for controlling a portable touchpad/touchscreeh device using a touchpad.

Problem with touchpad some tweaks required see Amilo L below. Calculating camera offsets to facilitate object position determination using triangulation. This may for example be accomplished with the visual feedback system described above.


The method of claim 1wherein the threshold touch area is established by an operator of the touch screen system. The signal processor for executing computer-executable instructions for processing the first signal to determine approximated coordinates of a first pair of outer edges of the object and processing the second signal to determine approximated coordinates of a second pair of outer edges of the object. In this arrangement, it may be preferable to place the upper surface of the light distribution panel flush with or recessed below the outer surface of the housing Thus, relatively cost effective area scan or line scan cameras can provide the touch screen system with accurate touch screen capability.

For example, the intensity of the illumination may be varied based on the acceleration of the moving object. In cases such as this, the light diffusing label may even be placed in a pocket formed by recesses at the top edge of the housing wall in order to make the top surface of the light diffusing label flush with the external surface of the housing wall The two detectorsagain generate information signals that indicate a variation in the intensity of the energized plane and, thus, the presence of a touch.

The highest atkamisawa of green and blue can be implemented in a similar manner. The button cap is movable trapped between a diffusing label layer and a spring loaded switch that is also located near the center of the touch pad A change in capacitance typically occurs at an electrode when a user places an takamiisawa such as a finger in close proximity to the electrode, i.

The light distribution panel is also configured to serve as a dielectric layer that covers the electrode layer in order to help form the capacitance sensing circuit of the touch pad For example, suitable reflective or refractive components such as reflective tape, paint, metal or plastic, mirrors, prisms, etc.


The method of claim 1wherein the first detector and the second detector are each selected from the group consisting of: For example, the leading edge may have a high intensity level, the body may have a medium intensity level and the trailing edge may have a low intensity level.

Object editing system, object editing method and object editing program product.

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An example of determining states of a touch surface may be found in U. The sensing points generally map the sensing region into a coordinate system such as a Cartesian coordinate system, a Polar coordinate system or some other coordinate system.

Linux – Laptop and Netbook Having a problem installing or configuring Linux on your laptop? Value-driven visualization primitives for spreadsheets, tabular data, and advanced spreadsheet visualization. It should be appreciated, however, that these fujisu are not a limitation and that any optically transmittable dielectric material may be used. If the object is no longer detected, the method proceeds to block where the illumination is stopped.

Shades of green and blue and blue and red can be implemented in a similar manner. This application is related to the following applications, all of which are herein incorporated by reference: The method as recited in claim 12 wherein in the tracking state the input device touchpaf/touchscreen configured to track the single object as the single object moves relative to the input surface.