That could be esxi, linux, omnios, bsd, even windows. Fabric support for cards has been so problematic, and these cards are so old now that it is just not worth your time to try it. A seperate nonadjustable timeout is used when booting to not stop booting on lack of FC connectivity. In reply to this post by bharat singh You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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In order to use the web based GUI apache needs to be installed on the system.

I should have qlogci I’ve read i think your post here and in a freebsd bug report that virtualising freenas is a bad idea qlogi much pain and loss of data to follow that you shouldn’t virtualise freenas but frankly it should work and this is not production, it is my home setup, so aslong as my drives and draw don’t die I should be able to read my data with anything I can stick a hba in.

As such, I decided I would build a basic Fibre Channel system. I don’t think it affects what is actually flashed onto the board.

esxi , qlogic hba freebsd rdm drama in my jungle | FreeNAS Community

My plan is to have the nas boot off of the local disks on the vmware host, come up, bring up the clustered storage and zfs which would hten bring up the other vm’s and storage. Furthermore, FC requires HBAs on each machine as well as the fibre infrastructure such as switches and fibre cable. On Tue, Jul 22, at Can you get esxi to play very nicely with that qlogic controller? Single loop connected Vmware won’t passthrough my HBA, so RDM expletivesaparently only the 8gb 25xx serious and some higher 16gb cards are compatible with pass through.


Want to link to this manual page? The errors reported are not unheard of, but I’m not sure how to resolve them: Email required Address never made public. Support is available for Public and Private loops, and for point-to-point connections Qlogic only.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: For Fibre Channel cards in Local Loop topologies it is strongly recommended that you set this value to non-zero. Surely if that happen too often — performance will heavily suffer. I get wonderful burst of quite brilliant speeds, the speeds I expect, however I something resets and the whole process pauses stops mid transfer, then bursts again for a short period of sustained transfer before dieing again.

Applied FreeBSD: Fibre Channel Target

The default is seconds 5 minutes. I haven’t seen the same limitation with the 8Gb boards. If you update the firmware, you have to take into account the changes that occured in the intervening firmware releases. I downloaded the latest firmware for the devices and updated them using the EFI loader on my fteebsd.

The default is 1 enabled. It works reasonably well for Fibre Channel, somewhat well for Qlogic cards, but does not yet work for the other cards due to last minute unannounced changes in firmware interfaces. So since safety and hardware have been addressed.

I’ve tried to do my due diligence in terms of research. Weird in my mind but probably an efficiency change. Instead, you just tell the driver not to download firmware and it uses the firmware ffeebsd flashed into the card. As an experiment, I’d mix up the layers. To disable FC-Tape, use the following configuration option: So that really is what you want to do.


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Applied FreeBSD: Fibre Channel Target | The Global Engineer’s Notebook

Some more info 8G HBA also showing same issues. Sure the proper hardware would do the things and having the funds to do all the things is always great but in this case I have to work with what I’ve qlogoc and what I’ve got is so close to working in the way it was designed its insane.

From the above output, it is clear that isp0 is not online. I suppose I should go to some forum with people who deal with freebsd but I was hoping this was something someone here most hopefully you had seen before qpogic had worked out how to tell the OS not to freak out on the hd firmware response instructions that its supposed to understand. The above freebssd needs to be done If you wish to start the quadstorvtl service automatically on system boot.

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