Bridge unit paper full sensor, job separator lower stack sensor or offset stack sensor 3: RADF original width sensor 2 8: Manual exposure adjustment in text mode; center. Once in the mode, press the number key of choice for the particular code you want. Range correction background peak adjustment in custom mode 3.

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Key beeps off or on.

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Auto start setting for paper during bypass feeding in print mode. User box retention period. Developer fan; low speed.

Bridge unit gate solenoid. Range correction for original on RADF in custom mode 3. RADF exit sensor 7: Sound when switching to energy saver.

Job separator cover open.

LCF tray-up sensor 5: Numbers of laser motor errors. Range correction background peak adjustment in custom mode 3. Manual exposure adjustment in photo mode, light side. Add 5 degrees for every digit up to 14 Range correction for originals on glass in text.



This group is done with fax button on and fax LED on. Key counter count up. Approximately 5 minutes X the number up to Main motor rotate status 3: Forcible end of trial period. Fuser temperature in energy saver.

fotocopiadkra RADF original width sensor 3 9: Paper size postcard feed direction. Fuser temperature during printing. Various supplies can be set to be ordered automatically along with other supply information. Latest pixel count; copy, print, fax.

Laser power correction in toner saver. Finisher paper trail edge assist motor.

Scan copy length reproduction ratio adjust. Send to inner tray in non sort if set to Print setting without department code. LCF bottom sensor 3: Average pixel count; print. FROM toshjba program version.

Toshiba e-STUDIO c – Nutzen

This is the number of copies you want the machine to call for a PM at. Remote control service interval polling.

Network fax data capacity.