I’m paranoid given how old the boards are, and I’m essentially a total noob about this technology. There needs to be downloadable drivers, and easily installable ones at that. It is not always easy like this. What you can do for your box is slightly more involved, but it’s not hard, and it’s less time consuming than building from scratch. The pagefile is always needed. My father’s already bought one for himself as well, and he wants me to help him install it when I visit for Christmas. Easy Tune 6 will also show you correct voltages.

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I’ll definitely be doing clean installs on both machines. But yours may be slower? PulseAudio still has problems using the alsa drivers in the right order – thats why you hear somethings sound from your pc speaker with new Ubuntu. Help Contact Us Go to top.

Making A Sata Raid/ahci Driver Diskette – Gigabyte GA-EPDS3LR User Manual [Page 83]

For your Father’s box: But if they don’t make it faster or something im going to have to i cant live with a 4 minute boot up time. Board index Hardware Storage. Is there anything else I need to do to make sure our backup HDDs also still run properly? Originally posted ep45d-s3l Kano View Post. Join Date Dec Posts I dont know why they disabled both by default ep45-ds3, the bios.


Ahh, ya Ahhci was confused about that I think! That said, do enable the native sata feature just below the ahci option. Micron, and you can use the Direct from J.

It is ok to use, I used to run Wp45-ds3l from it To Mod or Not to mod is what you have to decide it looks like? I went ahead and bought the SSD. So that may be what is causing your issue, or it may not be?


Windows does not need a re-install every now and again. I’d like to do the same thing, essentially: Your board may not even support AHCI, but many boards made within the past three years do.

Hey girl you want a bad boy? I mod my BIOS’s always.

I always mod mine and never have issues, but that is all up to you and as you suspect I cannot advise it Ya, EPP is not XMP nor is it a compatible option to use. No registered users and 3 guests.

Copyright c Tweak Town Pty Ltd. I know what you mean now for sure.

Wed Dec 14, 1: All content and actions are my own. When is Linux going to catch up to the 21st century? All of my written content here on TR does not represent or reflect the views of my employer or any reasonable human being. And most most importantly, I get half the hard-drive speeds.


So, best is to disable AHCI and use 2. Hello, I just bought this board changed over from a dfi and when i enable raid for the ich10R ep45-ss3l a isrc bios comes up and detects drives my first two seagates sata 2 detect under 1 secondhowever my older maxtor 6YMO x2 take around 1 minute each to detect these are raid drives after it gets past the isrc bios the ICH10R bios detects them fine under 1 aci I just came from a dfi p45 board with the same chipset but it seems they removed the isrc bios since it passes everything over to the raid bios anyways is there anyway gigabyte can fix this bios and either make it detect faster or have a option to disable the isrc bios in the system bios.

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