Although you might think the board is featureless typical of most ECS boards , you would be dead wrong. The modules for operation in CL2 mode are affordable and, by today’s standards, certainly not any slower than DDR On the far right of the picture you can still make out the network controller from Broadcom. Functional Diagram The chipset diagram should not be left out – it shows all the important features at a glance. For example, the motherboard manufacturers provide DDR support.

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The right one offers two FireWire ports. Following the sobering test results of the first KT motherboards, voices demanding a revised version became louder.

The board comes elitegrooup the following: On-the-sly Support It’s not a joke.

In addition, we wanted to be able to draw meaningful comparisons to the KT, which is why we re-ran all the tests with DDR memory. The packaging is as simplistic as the board is colorful – an elegant look, but with low brand-recognition value. There’s no way you can reach drives that are in the upper part of a tall tower with these cables.

The manual is very comprehensive. elitehroup

ECS L7VTA – motherboard – ATX – Socket A – KT400

No doubt about it: You really can’t pack in more, but you have to live without serial and parallel ports. The k7vta thing to strike you is Biostar’s colorful board: This, however, is mostly on account of NVIDIA’s nForce2 chipset, which, thanks to its dual-channel DDR interface, offers substantially more memory bandwidth than conventional systems will ever be able to offer.


This adapter, which is included in the box l7vtq well, offers not only coaxial but also optical digital output. Four USB ports are available, more with the included adapters.

South Bridge Heat Sink. It’s been a few weeks, and the manufacturers have had time to optimize their products.

Also seen on the picture is the ATX panel required for the correct installation of this board. The package includes two ribbon cables – one for the IDE drives and another to hook up a floppy disk drive.

Though only one slot may be occupied in DDR mode, and at least two eiltegroup in DDR mode, this many slots makes it possible to upgrade up to 3. However, over the years, ECS has built itself reputably with its strong and wide range of products not just for the average consumer, but sometimes catering to power users as well.

FSB clock settings from to MHz; adjustable multiplier provided there’s an unlocked processor ; and the option to increase the CPU core voltage.

This was enough to produce respectable results. But the KT offers other novelties over the KT that justify its existence.

Asus came out on top in the benchmarks, too. Wake on Modem WOM.

Let’s look at the technical specifications of the board below before we go right into the details of the board. An adapter cable is included so you can use two of the additional four USB 2. Elitegroup has done without Serial ATA so far – considering the fact that the drives are not available, that’s certainly no loss. DDRthe new chipset was not one bit faster than its predecessor, the KT Mixing these up should therefore not be an issue. Gigabyte has even thought of digital outputs, so that sound can be produced with modern stereos without any loss of quality.


Elitegroup L7VTA (VIA KT) Mainboard

The modules for operation in CL2 mode are affordable and, by today’s standards, certainly not any slower than DDR The additional manual that exclusively deals with the RAID controller is a nice addition. AntiVirusfor fending off dangerous software; Ghostfor making backups of entire partitions or hard drives; and Personal Firewallfor protecting your Windows PC from attacks from the Internet. Detonator 4 Serie Version This includes the following: However, we were brought right back down e,itegroup earth when we realized that even l7vha memory didn’t boost performance much over DDR also with CL2 ; see our benchmark section for more details.