On Tue, at So perhaps it’s a case of a serial driver implicitly hardcoded to presume that it’s talking to a usb-serial endpoint, when in fact it might not be. If I rmmod the usb-storage module then I can connect from the network manager interface with no problems. Steven Macintyre steven-steven-macintyre wrote on It’ll help narrow window which the regression was introduced. Cold boot with it unplugged.

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Graham Beneke graham-beneke wrote on The device is recognize as USB mass storage first but then disappear.

As this bug was originally reported against Karmic, and many other posters were also running Karmic, I propose closing this bug when support for Karmic officially ends at the end of this month – see https: Built-in Mobile Broadband Data Cards. If you now insert a 3rd party SIM i. GSM modem 1-port converter now When you plug your USB Stick into your computer for the first time, Windows 7 may ask you whether to install an on-board version of this app.

One fix is to disable everything except the modem part. Real madrid club football patch Crack for hdd regenerator 1.


I highly recommend to upgrade FW to latest one you can find. On further investigation, the systems both Win XP and Win 7 seem to be a bit flaky about recognising all the modem capabilities in particular the ‘modem’ and COM-port interface part as opposed to the CD-ROM part depending on which USB socket it’s plugged into and maybe relative to which USB sockets have previously had drivers installed.

The problems that people are continuing to have I believe relate to Network Manager and not to the original Kernel issues. See full activity log. Current dindows – Name, type and signal strength of current connection Time and data – Length of time connected and amount of data transferred Shortcuts – App for SMS text messages, plus links to other apps, websites etc.

3G Mobile Broadband: Huawei modems unleashed

It contains a link to an E firmware in comment Kaspersky license key free download Planet of the apes. No additional sense information [ Could those of you affected by this issue please try these kernels and report back here. I think the patch has been included in the new kernel packages as stated in bug This bug affects 45 people.

USB disconnect, address 4 [ I’ve now tried installing usb-modeswitch. I volunteer to test kernel patch before release it.


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This is really a different bug to the one originally reported – there is no oops messages. Still does not work: Oops randomly with Huawei E 3G dongle regression. Retrying many times and possibly reconnecting the modem allows getting connected, but this takes a lot of attempt.

I w220 experience this problem before, when the E first came on the market.

They are not detected. The Orange connection gets 1Mbps download on a good day, only kps on a not-good day.

Mobile Broadband Software for Windows 7

Fabio, have you set proposed updates on and done a refresh of package list? You need to run a serial RSlike terminal emulator program. The E Vodafone was probably network-locked, but I can’t be sure. Works the same way with 2. Gives almost the same syslog as the bug reporter. Is it the same issue?

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