DMP , Mar 5, I feel an excitement similar to that when the BenQ or the Eizo 24″ screens were coming out many months ago. Here are some initial impressions. Cyber Monday Office Depot deals: The setting is global, so it affects all resolutions.

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DoubleSight DS-263N – 26″

Asian Dub FoundationMar 5, Laptops by Caitlin Petrakovitz Nov 25, It definitely has an IPS panel. Thus far I’ve just been sitting in front of it, though. You’d be better off making the adjustments through your video card drivers.

The setting is global, so it affects all resolutions. I had to reduce the green offset down to 25 to get the green line close to the red and blue lines.

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Even at ‘0’ it is still a good deal brighter than my FHD at ‘0. Good news, I look forward to hearing all of your reviews, this may be cause to take back my delll that I got from costco.


ToastyXMar 5, WilliamGMar 7, Cyber Monday Office Depot deals: Laptops by Justin Jaffe Nov 26, Is this screen glossy or matte?

It actually looks decent with calibration, but calibration won’t get rid of the oversaturation outside of color-managed programs due to the wide gamut. Ds-2663n settings crush whites.

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Wow so this really is the Planar display, right down to the joystick and button layout. VegaSs-263n 7, I took the plunge as well and just picked one of these up from the Egg.

Mar 5, 6. M DiddyMar 9, Surprisingly, mine doesn’t have any significant backlight bleeding, unlike the Planar I tried: Third time’s the charm?

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That’s just fine by me. Looking forward to that review. Mar 8, Stretches the image to fill dd-263n screen All the other modes have banding. Log in or Sign up. Needless to say both of those ended on a rather controversial note. I also have a WFP on my way to the house which is going to be sold. I will be buying it this week as well.


Flat Panel Mount Interface. I’m really looking forward to the input lag test. I could have sworn it worked with the Planar, but I don’t remember now.