The server then sends back its response. Only via generated code in ODBC. Proceed to Section 3. To start the driver using iManager: You can create any one of these authorization types. The information is presented from the viewpoint of iManager. To use the driver, you must reactivate it.

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Running DSTrace while the drivers are in production increases the utilization on the Identity Manager server and can cause events to process very slowly.

NetIQ REST Driver Implementation Guide

If you want the driver to support permission collection and reconciliation service, ensure that these packages are installed on the driver. If driver activation has expired, the following error message is displayed in the ndstrace window: I also have a question about “msExch You can select either Publish or Poll as the publisher setting. Using Java Extensions 59 The Javadoc describes these interfaces. The Remote Loader is a service that executes the driver shim and passes information between the shim and the Identity Manager engine.

Permission Collection and Reconciliation Services: The error is because there are different methods with the same number of arguments. If you are using the Remote Loader, you must enter a password on this page or the remote driver does not run.


Well dxcmd does not seem to be one of the predefined possibilities like srcCommandProcessor or the like.

Specify the password for the keystore file. I cannot paste trace, as it crashed the engine currently, simulator does not like it much either The XPath node value of each node in the node set is obtained and used as one of the command line arguments.

Have to kill eDir. This displays the Password Synchronization Options dialog box for a better view of the relationship between the different GCVs. The advantage to this is that creating schema mapping rules is easier if the schema can be dynamically determined.

I a using IDM 3. Say Authentication information user or password or host?

Click the present in application schema. The driver uses the specified ID and password for authentication when processing the requests. You need to install the driver packages and them modify the configuration to suit your environment. If you have suggestions for documentation improvements, click Add Comment at the bottom of any page in the HTML version of the documentation posted at www.


NetIQ REST Driver Implementation Guide |

Therefore, ensure that new users are added ocm the Publisher channel after the first polling cycle completes. Submits without error, and sits and sits.

The attribute-value pair in the URL token element replaces this placeholder. Specify the polling interval in minutes.

These are the only unique properties for drivers. Passwords I imagine would be a special case and should be a named-password or else not available. The driver includes the following features: Click the application schema. NetIQ recommends that you apply this hotfix to your Designer before attempting to create the driver.

See related articles to this posting. If the remote server requires an authentication ID, specify the ID in the field. Specify the host address and the host port when a proxy host and port are used. Let’s say you put a requirement in your creation policy that the readyWhenYouAre attribute has to have a value otherwise the event gets veto’d.