I have cleaned and deep cleaned several times with no better results. All of this applies equally to your printer,.. This started after I was away for a while. Then we will know where the problem is. Any help would be appreciated, thanks. Went to print a black and white document with no luck.

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I say its time!!! Thank you in advance.

Canon MP530 Ink

Am I doing something wrong? I ran bllack pattern and itshows all colors except PGBK. It just kept leaving off the bar code. I am sending you this short email and when you reply to it with the model number of your printer and the list of problems I will be able to send you the test instructions you need.

Black Ink Version of the Canon Pixma MP? – Forums – CNET

I am sending you a short email and when you reply to it with your printer model number and the error code I will be able to send you the files you need. For the past years I have been helping people with their Canon printers as best I can. When you try to print the pattern all the colors work except the PGBK. My HP DeskJet is failing after a good year run so it time to upgrade! I am having the same issue with just the black not printing. I’ll send you the instructions.



Were you able to fix this problem, and if yes, how? I concluded that this excess black ink was not being cleaned from the printhead properly and was somehow smudging the paper at the bottom of the printed side.

Canon MP530 won’t print black

However, if the purge unit was really working it would have done that job. I tried printing a document a day or two later and it printed but now it is back to spitting blank paper out.

Thanks in advance for your help! Upon replacing the cartridge, no colours would print. Then today it just stopped printing. If you try to print a document and nothing comes out then you have a problem with the BLACK ink or the head or the purge unit.

I am not gonna buy anymore Canon products. Hi, I have 3 Canon MP’s and one of them stopped printing with the large black cartridge, so after cleaning the print head didn’t fix problemI ended up just replacing the print head and all works well again.

Hi Trigger, I am very impressed with all the machines you have helped to save from the scrap heap. I recently went through this ordeal after 6 yrs. The purpose of the shield, the presence of a small rectangular shaped cutout in the shield, and two adhesive strips along the edges of the mylar strip were the clues I needed to properly install it.

Canon MP won’t print black | FixYourOwnPrinter

After doing some research, I finally decided to clean the print head by soaking it in warm water. Would appreciate your help.


In either case I am sending you this email and whey you reply with some of your information, printer model, problems, etc.

Once I have this I can send the files. This is the best solution for you and There is no software that will emulate ink being present and if there was and you printed you’d be buying either a new print head or a new printer as you’d destroy your printer cannon printing without ink. You really don’t bother to take care of your printer.

The fix requires the total disassembly of the printer all the way down to the Ink Absorber pads. In fact for the last 4 Months we have been specifically set to grayscale and it is only using the color cartridges. If you need or want cnaon support from me you need to send me an email from this website and include all the information you have posted about your problem.

However, the printing quality is still a lot better then when it was playing up cabon August I get a smudge at the bottom center of every page if there is text printed there.