Remote Commands Remote Commands Follow the commands below to access features remotely. This is a comprehensive file containing available drivers and software for the Brother machine. If you cannot find the accessory you need and you have a Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express credit card, you can order accessories directly from Brother. When discarding used toner cartridges, keep them separate from domestic garbage. If you try to scan and store a 51st fax, the machine will send it immediately, without storing it in memory. Retrieval Press Menu, 2, 5, 2.

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You can dedicate the new phone number on your line to receiving only faxes. If possible, they will notify you in advance. You can correct most problems by yourself.


See Pages and To prevent the possibility of transparencies smudging as they stack in the output bin, remove each transparency after it exits the machine. Plug the modular cable from Cassette 2 into the modular jack on the Brother machine. Insert the sheet of paper for Portrait vertical or Landscape horizontalwith the side you wish to print on face up in the manual feed slot.

Advanced Tab Advanced Tab Change the tab settings by selecting one of the following icons: Mfc-5806cn left box shows all the previously Stored Fax Numbers; the right box will show the Destination Fax Numbers as you select them.


For OHP transparencies, select Transparency. Press Menu, 2, 5, 1. To change any of the settings for that mode, click the Modify Settingsā€¦ button. Connect the power cord.

Please note this form is used for feedback only. Close the control panel.

Brother MFC-8500 Owner’s Manual

For details about how to configure the Brother Control Center buttons to launch the application of your choice using the Scan keys, seePage to If your copy looks good, you probably had a bad connection, with static or interference on the phone line. Page Difficulty Printed pages are marked at regular intervals. This is only a preview of the image so you mdc-5860cn see how it will look.

Either the scanner or the primary corona wire for printing is dirty.

Select Cover Page Form Select the cover page form you want. White Stripes or Faint lmages Printed pages are stained corona with toner or have borther stripes. Page Distinctive Ring A service purchased from the Telephone Company that provides another phone number on an existing phone line.

You can set the brightness level by dragging the slidebar to the right to lighten the image or to the left to darken the image.


SeePage Please note that the availability of these interfaces depends on the model number of your machine and the operating system you are using. Press to make print lighter, or make print darker. Ghost Images The drum unit is a consumable item and it is necessary to replace it periodically.

Delayed Batch Transmission Before sending the delayed faxes, your Brother machine will economize by sorting all the documents in memory by destination and scheduled time.

Printing the Internal Font List Page To print the document: Unfold the output brothdr extension to support the printed pages. For other characters, see character set of Roman 8.

Mac OS X Support Information | Brother

USB cable that is no longer than 6 feet 1. In Brother Automatic E-Mail Printing you can set up more than one e-mail account on a single PC so you can print e-mail in each account automatically.

The Send Fax dialog box appears: