There is a built-in effects section hence the name XENYX FX effects not configurable, meaning you can just choose the intensity of the effect on each track. Cons by the delay echo flanger chorus are somewhat anecdotal. One effect on all tracks. When I started playing music 21 years ago I would have liked to have this equipment and especially at this price! Bypassing the PC box.

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User reviews: Behringer Xenyx FX – Audiofanzine

I use the 4 stereo microphones for the battery which makes me 8 entries 2 XLR for singing, 2 XLR for bass a bass and a microphone jack amplified output of the bass amp 4 XLR for guitars berhinger the same principle as the bass. Bypassing the PC box.

I love the fact that it is easy to use and connect, and the manual is well written. I recall that Behringer is a German brand even if the components assembled in China know they will make the Germans in quality. With more or less the same connections as for recording. Most of the 16 tracks Least not the direct output he had tinkered cables on the output to be able to insert the true multitrack with Cubase. I am a beginner in this field, so I do not know much about hardware.


I said that I bought 22222fx. It is job and the record is correct. Undoubtedly because I have not changed For the simple reason that I did not need more. Semi-parametric bass and treble are fixed and are parametric mids. It has 99 built-in effects.

I know not yet what it is paramtrique so I do not pronnonce – There is a section for 99 greenhouse effect! But it may be sufficient in itself to begin. Egg too, except that in any y’en twenty with their variants, it’s not super super nice but allows for enjoyable evening between friends. I could easily add effects and adjust the sounds so that they fit together. Xenyz using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.

Behringer XENYX 2222fx 22 Input Mixer

Request a new review. Excellent at this price I do not think it is best on the xrnyx. I use it for 2 days – What is so special that you like most and least?

Not satisfied with those reviews? Must have at least on the other hand of DI for instruments because they do not integrate them.

The sound is not too “colorful” but it appears correctly with a compressor. Log in Become a xenxy. Keyboards are directly on the sound card Midi. Put out during the remaining repeats. As the output is dependent on the main mix, you can also use it to make a recording on MiniDisc or MP3 for example. Even for what is effect, the list is marked directly on the console. The quality of sound that comes out on the PC is good, I use audacity and record trs me drinking.


Behringer XENYX fx 22 Input Mixer | eBay

To have a live concert as understood in Hp. For the price they ask for nothing better. At first I thought it was a little gadget, but to use the reverb is correct with 50 factory settings.

I said that even if I use this bebringer with many external elements. But the console is simple enough to go it alone after 20 minutes of manipulation without too much hassle too. One effect on all tracks.