Phase shift tests are normally only done on analog amps. I’m unsure now if the sound of my speakers got affected or damaged by that condition How about even lower:. Many years ago Behringer came out with what looked like a clone of a popular power amplifier used in recording studios—The Alesis RA Anyone have this issue before?

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Traf March 4, at 1: I believe it’s possible to spend a lot less and not hear a difference in blind testing.

Post 5 of 9. Jon January 26, at 4: I’m unsure now if the sound of my speakers got affected or damaged by that condition Sean March 1, at 1: This is related to the output impedance of the UCA Anonymous August 15, at 2: On the other hand, if you want to mess around with sound processing and effects, then it might be a cheap way to experiment before spending big bucks on a more capable effects processor.

If you your PC has marginal line outputs to feed an outboard sound system, amp, use for measurements, etc. Post 6 of 9. I’d like to use the uca to drive the M-Audio speakers via a USB port, thus allowing me to keep the toslink cable connected to the DAC1, but allowing audio output to the AV 40s at the same time.


I’ve never tested the D3 so it’s hard to say if the UCA may be better.

NwAvGuy: Behringer UCA Review

I really doubt at that low of level there’s anything specific to the Polk speakers that behringee “upsetting” the amps. Headphone Reviews and Discussion – Head-Fi.

Thank you for understanding. Then have some volunteers stand behind the speakers and swap the cable plugs back and forth at the request of the card-carrying audiophiles doing the listening.

Example Windows client installation with audio device Behringer U-CONTROL UCA

Most all pro audio interfaces I’ve tested have really cheap headphone outputs. Ufa202 for being so informative and thorough.

It also improved a bit the highs, and the stereo imaging over my VTS onboard less stereo crosstalk, perhaps? Anonymous December 24, at And the iPod has a much better headphone output.

Problem with Behringer UCA202

NwAvGuy March 1, at 5: So running a lot of the tests at multiple sample rates isn’t something I really have the free time to do. Is it lively enough for my purposes?


Most of the criticism seems related to Behringer charging much less for similar products than some of their competitors.

Newer Post Older Post Home. The only real downsides are the output impedance and power. Being impressed about your dedication and thorough analysis, I decided to post my query here hoping to get some guidance.

If you run Linux or OS X, your results may vary.

Share This Page Tweet. Only guessing, of course.

Behringer has the engineering talent and resources to get good performance out of inexpensive parts. Comments promoting commercial interests will not be approved and may be reported as SPAM. But Behringer likely buys a zillion of them and pays much less.