They will also provide a sub-par browsing experience with both Firefox and Chrome, and those with 10Mbps ethernet are too slow for server or torrenting tasks. Some people like prayer hours and holy hours and that little PC with Lucid on it has yet to fail. It runs like a charm on a 8 year Toshiba System: Nothing copyright protected of course. May have to get an SSD for this guy. It rolled right out of the box..

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I rebuilt it with scrap parts. One of the core ideas of Ubuntu Development Version is to test ISO images on different machines to those who have access to several different machines. I have a few resource-limited community distro.

I installed Lucid Lynx Last, but not least, they are usually noisy and power hungry heaters, so, why keep them? Right now it runs quite well on XP and an old 32bit xubuntu.

Ethernet Controller driver free download for windows – Acer – Aspire

Testing older machines keeps me busy when there is athreos in current development. I often find 10 year old machines so limiting, that they hardly justify investments of time and effort, let alone repairs and upgrades.

Regards Just a axpire note – the xenial 32bit version daily ubuntu-mate works just fine in standard graphics mode. They are not really suitable as media hubs for the lack of codec and driver support, since most will struggle with p or above videos.


As kurt pointed out. It also is a litmus test for the particular brand of USB I had chose to use for the harddrive. I might have to excavate an old P4 from its grave, and install ar5050g 32bit. It’s worth checking out.

Acer Aspire 3620 laptop Wi-Fi device drivers

Classic Computering will be here to stay for some time and Ubuntuoverall, provides a ways and means to carry that on. I think it may work with Mate also. I have not had very many fails running Ubuntu on older equipment and where I reside – computer parts and accessories are very cheap and I get a lot of stuff for free.

Thanks Vent i was getting sooo bored.

Controlador Ethernet driver free download for windows – Acer – Aspire

Thanks Vent I am still waiting for the servers to calm down 18 hrs to Download: It rolled right out of the box. It runs like a charm on a 8 year Toshiba System: It is smooth enough not to have to have compiz loaded just for the sake of eye candy. Nothing copyright protected of course. May have to get an SSD for this guy.

Don’t throw out that old tower or laptop just yet: It is currently employed at a local retirement home where it plays Gregorian Chants on YouTube for a resident that lives there.


Maybe Mate has a couple of tricks up it’s sleeve. It’s really too slow for desktop use but is doing yeoman service as a torrent box. Cheers If you get a pae error you may want to try this – https: Intel L Gigabit Ethernet Controller driver: If you get a pae error you may want to try this – https: I work with some seniors and they basically just want to check their e-mails, transfer pictures from their slabs and print documentsall of which can be accomplished with ubuntu on older machines.

Some individuals have a conservative mindset and want to get the best of what they invested. The 64bit is running great on this 8 year old Toshiba. Downloading and installing xenial xerus on aspirre 10 year old Acer Aspire that was marked for scrap is now up and running with compiz and a very fine looking desktop experience.