Not much to complaing about. I’m using the unit in advance to see how it works. Zune 30 MP3 Players. Those are some pretty big points of sale fo r this item. Most relevant reviews See all reviews. Archived from the original on I wanted my music and to play it.

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It just doesn’t power on and if it will power on I don’t know what it’ll gug but I have assumed personally and I plugged it in and it didn’t seem to want to do anything so I’m selling it as is it doesn’t appear to have any damage the outside and the screen looks like it’s intact not shattered so perhaps you can get it working and there might be a ton of music in it there probably is.

Microsoft Zune 30 Black (30 GB) Digital Media Player

The Gih York Times. If you just want a player just for music this is a good choice. A Halo 3 inspired Zune developed in partnership with the game’s creators Bungie was announced at a Halo 3 event in May Even gave my Ipod away ok.

Whether you are at work, at a store, in your house, or on a walk, you can automatically see all the Zune players around you. After I decharged the unit completely and recharged it however, the problem went away.


However, it also offers some things not available in the Ipod: There are also various sizes and colors to choose from to fit your needs. Battery life is quite nice too, I was gkg a Zune, showing it off to friends and family for almost 12 hours straight with no breaks and it went down to about half.

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Both versions were loaded with Halo content, including a custom episode of the popular series Red vs. I have a couple of big on there that are about an hour long, and it loaded faster on my Zune then it did on my PC!

I guess I just need to make more playlists. It also contains a USB 2. My wife was happy when I used our wedding picture as my background.

Microsoft Zune 30 Pink ( 30 GB ) Digital Media Player

Also, this version of the zune doesn’t have a click-wheel. MX31 Multimedia Applications Processors”. You can even set a picture to be your background, similar to an actual PC. The Halo 3 Zune came in either dark brown or black, and featured a Halo symbol on the back.

Zune 30 – Wikipedia

Zune Music Zune Video. And there appears to be no work around for that anywhere. Plus, the Zune only comes in one size and 2 colors, where Ipods come in many shapes and sizes and colors.


But he’s really into getting things to sound as good as possible. The bug also froze up Toshiba Gigabeat S media players that shared the same Freescale zunf and driver.

Microsoft Zune 30 Pink ( 30 GB ) Digital Media Player | eBay

Oh and you do have the ability to download games for free as well, its only like 5 of them but definatly worth it. Simply create a playlist and curate your music.

Audio Player Device-Specific Batteries. I still have my first one as I use it at work for when i work out during lunch. The Ipod has become so set in the culture that it will be nigh impossible for any company to put a dent in the Apple MP3 market.

Audio Player Accessories for Zune For something that loads videos, music and connects to wi-fi? Product Key Features Storage Capacity.

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