Drives Division W. This includes items that are defective in ways that render them difficult to use, items that require service or repair, or items missing essential components. Droop Control Delay Time Factory setting: A A thru A 1 b b b 1 1 0 5. Pressing this key will decrease the value of the blinking digit in the display by 1. Zero Speed Operation Factory setting:

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magnegek The second digit of the H 1 – magnettek 1 thru H 1 – 0 6 setting is entered in hexadecimal values which defines what type of external fault contact is used and how the drive will react to the fault input. This regulation is accomplished by comparing a feedback signal to a setpoint reference, which results in an error signal.

Selectable Functions Multi-step speed operation 9 steps max. Slip Included – Flux is calculated after slip compensation is applied 1: Torque Detection Selection 2 Factory setting each: The deviation detection level is an adjustable value, which can be set in parameter F 1 – 1 0.

Fuse blown DC fuse has cleared. If rotation is incorrect, reverse Release any two motor leads, then JOG repeat the motor rotation check.


Yaskawa / Magnetek GPD 515/G5 Sine-Coded Pulse Width Modulated AC Motor Drive

It is recommended that this parameter be enabled at all times. L has been exceeded initial value: When the output current is equal to or greater than the defined level, an overtorque condition exists.

When using transistor open collector input, use transistors with rated voltage of 35 Vdc or more and rated current of mA or more. The factory setting is ” 1.

Surplus Magnatek – GPD at

The setting of the Access Level in the Initialization Menu determines which parameters appear on the Digital Operator. Verify that the drive power voltage select connector, located at lower left corner inside drive chassis see Figure bis positioned correctly for the input power line voltage.

Setting Description 0 Output phase loss detection disabled 1 Output phase loss detection enabled 5. Short term OL2 — OL2 occurs in 2 seconds when output frequency is 6 Hz or less and in current limit approx. Parameter access levels, control method selection and initialize passwords are set.

A Feedback Signal Selection Except for the most demanding of high starting torque applications, the factory settings of these parameters will be adequate. Attach the Remote Mount Resistor Unit maintaining a minimum 1.

Quadrant Quadrant Quadrant Quadrant 1 2 3 4 is is is is forward forward reverse reverse motor motor motor motor rotation, torque in forward direction; rotation, torque in reverse direction regeneration ; rotation, torque in reverse direction; rotation, torque in forward direction regeneration. Motor Selection Factory setting: Motor Rated Gld-515 MinnesotaNew York 8.


Price also come with a very quick delivery with exactly as ordered. Frequency Reference Loss Detection Factory setting: Pressing and holding this key will initiate Jog function: Motor Rated Current Factory setting: For each parameter, reference paragraph s in Section 2 or 5 are listed if applicable where the features of the drive affected by that parameter are described.

Table shows which option board gpd-551 needed for each type of encoder.

When enabled data ” 1 “the reference loss detection compares the change in reference with respect to time. Stopping Method Selection Factory setting: Sequence control input 0 V 12 Connection for shield sheath of signal leads — — — — 13 Frequency reference analog input voltage ; auto input — can be changed to manual by setting of parameter H