Unfortunately, the biggest function we were looking forward to was the player’s biggest disappointment. Design We have some legitimate gripes with the P7, but design isn’t one of them. On the top there are volume buttons flush with the surface, that click when pressed, and a menu button denoted by a single small bump. It also hard-froze on us once, and wouldn’t reset with a press from the power button — we had to hard reset the whole player with a paper clip. While the P7’s hardware looks like it takes a few cues from Apple, the touch-screen interface is entirely unique. Be the first to review the P7?

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iriver P7 unboxing and review

irivef There’s a stylus included for operating the resistive touchscreen, but we really had little trouble tapping the uniformly large interface elements irivre our fingers — which is good news, since there’s no convenient place to slip the stylus when it’s out of use, it’s meant to screw into a cap that can looped onto one 7p of the player, and we’d rather not.

It also didn’t recognize the Audible Audio file we loaded onto it, which is inconvenient. Power users and the patient-minded may be able to put up with the P7’s particular video requirements, but people looking for drag-and-drop simplicity should look elsewhere. The Good The Iriver P7 is a gorgeous portable video player that packs in music, movies, photos, radio, voice lriver, and a text reader.

No needless curves, wasted buttons or confusing bits, just a simple slab of recycling-friendly metal, with plastic on the ends and a screen in the middle. Skip to main content.


We’ve been getting friendly with iriver’s latest touchscreen masterpiece over the past few days, and have a few impressions to share. In many ways, though, the P7 is exactly what the pictures and spec sheet make it out to be: Unfortunately, the biggest function we were looking forward to was the player’s biggest disappointment.

In practice, however, we found that the P7 didn’t offer the kind of drag-and-drop video format and resolution flexibility we’ve seen from competitors such as the Cowon O2 or Archos WiFi. It’s a novel and fun approach to an interface, and while iriver isn’t packing in extensive functionality or connected information, it’s a far cry from surfing through a boring menu tree with a d-pad.

Tapping any of those items sends you straight to it even the clock takes iricer to a great world clockand a back button usually sends you to the main menu for that category photo albums, irivee, so forth.

iriver P7 review: iriver P7 – CNET

The mobile world might finally get exciting again in The included Windows client software is a tragedy of interface and doesn’t support video for some unapparent reason, while the Windows Media Player support seemed promising until Windows Media Player failed to sync anything into the right place. Design We have some legitimate gripes with the P7, but design isn’t one of them.

Bandersnatch is here to cap a twisted The majority of the P7 is operated using touch-screen control, however, you’ll find teeny, tiny buttons for power, menu, and volume on the top edge of the player. It’s not unpleasant, just odd, and it at least adds a sense of monolith-type mystique to the player. There are also settings for bookmarking, looping, or saving files to a custom playlist.

What Hi-Fi?

Songs are listed in either an ID3 tag sort Album, Artist, Genre, Playlist or presented as the user’s own custom list of folders. Best MP3 Players for We appreciate a good bit of battery life iriver claims 7 hours of video playback and 4. Also, the iRiver P7 music player is compatible with MP3, WMA, Real Audio files as well as others, so you can listen to a large range of tracks available from different services.


If you’re accustomed to scrolling though menus, the P7’s Mondrian-esque layout takes a little time to grow on you. Apple’s iPod Touch gives you a good portion of the iPhone 6 experience in a tiny package, You won’t find advanced features such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi on the P7, but its relatively low price and large, p. The P7 measures 4.

If you plan on storing a large music collection on the P7, prepare for some navigation frustration. Visit manufacturer site for details. Features The P7 is easy on the eyes, but the features are nothing to write home about.

Hopefully a firmware update from iriver can iron out those kinks in the near future.

Unlike the iPod Touch’s smooth, swift, and responsive song lists, sorting through your music on the P7 requires patience and a precise touch on a slim graphical scroll bar. At the same time, the player seems needlessly thick.

Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Software iriver calls the interface “like a magazine,” and it’s not hard to see why.