Thanks a bunch, and have a great day Fabio!!! The extra large is built with eight ExpressKeys with illuminated displays that provide an easy reference for your assigned functions. If you’re an artist, and are used to moving or drawing with your arm, than the medium size or even the large may be perfect for you. I would also like to be able to erase with the pen and maybe edit photos. Version 5 pads cannot be replaced manually on touch models – repair only by shipping back to Wacom plus service charges. I think this is a great price for a very competent medium sized tablet.

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Keep in mind that Wacom drivers play well with mice and both devices do not interfere with each other.

The CTH 13″ overall product is actually a lot bigger than the one I used at work 9″so I’ll most likely go with this one if it’s more bang for the buck. Hope to hear from you soon. I just bought a Bamboo Create from Amazon and did not see this post before that, i has not arrived yet.

Pay attention to the tablet size you choose: I want to do some digital art mostly paintings but i dont really understand how profeessional works the relation between “Monitor size – tablet ” i have a 23″ widescreen Benq monitor nad i was thinking to buy a wacom capture.

Aeon, I’ve never used GIS applications personally, but I did some research to be able to reply to your comment. It will work good for tzblet i want to do? If this is your husband’s first tablet and he uses a single display no bigger than 24″, buy the Bamboo Create.


I think this is a great price for a very competent medium sized tablet.

I’m totally happy with the size of the tablet on a 27 inches screen. Sounds like the company made an improvement, and it helps to have a light touch.

Wacom Intuos4 XL (Extra Large) 12×18 Professional Pen Tablet

Hi Fabio, I teach fifth grade online and I use dual screens. Event though the regular Intuos offers great bang for the buck, there are a few key differences that set the Pro model apart. I work on a 13 inch laptop. It’s free, easy to use and while it doesn’t have the most advanced features, it’s similar enough to Illustrator that it can be an invaluable learning tool before spending money.

Refer to the sizing table above for some pointers. The tablet size relates to the display area, so larger displays require larger drawing areas and better resolution the ability to differentiate more pointsor else the cursor would feel less precise and jumpy. I’d recommend you to spend a little more and invest on the medium model, if possible.

Wacom Intuos4 Professional Pen Tablet – Large PTK840

In any case, the new Pro models now come standard with Bluetooth, so you can use them wireless. Beats a mouse by miles. John, I’d go for the Bamboo Create. This would require a larger drawing area than a single screen, and preferably a high end tablet such as the Intuos Pro Medium or Large models. The Wacom Cintiq Pro 24 is an illustrator’s dream come true: ID Card Printers and Systems. I find the larger area is more comfortable to use than a small Intuos Pro and it has plenty of resolution to handle larger displays that your 13 inch laptop.


I’ve found that on a 24″ monitor setup duala large Intuos5 is just too big, as you mentioned with active area to resolution ratio.

Wacom Intuos4 Professional Pen Tablet – Medium

I can’t tell you how many great projects I completed with it. Some people draw with broader strokes and adapt much better to the larger tablets. Go with the small model if you need portability, like to draw with short brush strokes or will use the tablet only for photo retouching. Otherwise, I wouldn’t recommend them. I had also emailed Wacom too to ask them and forgot to ask something professionql. It is sufficient for most users’ needs and has an unique advantage: If I still decide to buy the Small instead of the Medium, is the Small version compatible with the same programmes as the Medium version?

The larger models are necessary for applications that require higher resolution and more tablet area, like illustration and photo retouching.