Three choices are provided below – use whichever file is most appropriate for you. Dominique Dumont domi-dumont on Bus Device If your kernel has usbhid built-in, you may need to add the quirk info to the your kernel boot parameters, like so:. I’ll tweak the proposed rules to be a little bit more restrictive.

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To blank the VFD whenever the computer is shut down, you need to replace the standard goodbye message with a blank string. This bug affects 9 people.

The PAD controller is designed to be able to be also used as four up, down, left, right arrow buttons on Keyboard. Be aware when you need to troubleshoot.

Start LCDd in the foreground: Published by moxlotus on March 10, March 10, Not use the PAD controller and use other keys for n,w,s,e. It behaves similarly when power is interrupted and then booted up under WinXP so it appears to be independent of OS – perhaps a signal necessary to initiate the device following a complete loss of power is not being supplied by BIOS.


The following is the button usage of the default remote setting.

Bug # “Imon LCD device number changes each boot” : Bugs : lcdproc package : Ubuntu

The former will be more up-to-date. Regardless, this version does not include the direction pad functionality. Lastly, we will need to define what are the things to be displayed by Kodi on the VFD Please consider helping to update it.

Post as a guest Name.

Setting Up LIRC For The IMON VFD and LCD Display

So if you’re using lirc 0. However, if the power is shut off with the rear switch on the power supply or during a power interruption, I need to go through the initiation procedure again.

Not in irw, not in ir-keytable, nothing. Unless someone objects, I’ll follow the suggestion given on this link http: Next lets install the packages that we need on ubuntu for the display to work.

Configuration for the Antec Fusion Black Knob: I have a related problem. Bus Device If you use yum and ATrpms. Users of Ubuntu 9. I don’t like this at all A lot of credit is due to Ron Frazier, for documenting the necessary config for lirc 0.


Then plug the connector back together and run: The command that you have just executed will open up the window shown above.

LIRC – Linux Infrared Remote Control

Now saved the configuration and restart the LCDd service so that the new configuration will be ububtu. The Dual Knob and control buttons system can give the easiest way to navigation and media control. Changed in udev Ubuntu: I think this is a valid bug, but probably not in lcdproc. The following changes have been found to assist in resolving the issue.

In the above, we can see that the usbhid driver has claimed our iMON device, and manual quirk addition is required. Credits Many many many people have contributed to this guide: