Subdriver selection at config time. MPEG initialization in cx Mon Jan 13, 8: Add support of image transfer by bulk and minor change. It’s just down to whatever software you choose to download for this purpose.

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Both are the same hardware and drivers, just different branding.

Set mmio throttling delay default to 0 nsec. Tue Jan 14, Increment u8 pointers not void pointers. The image transfer by bulk is started by the subdrivers. Subdriver selection at config time.


decoxer I am fed up of this silly myth. Moves some sensor initialization to each sensor in m Fix and add some validations Erik Andren 6: Vertical flip the image by default in sonixj.

Bad name of the sunplus subdriver in Kconfig. Or the GemTek FM model. I get what I need from it, the civilian services police, air, ambulance, fire, etc. All BT tv tuner cards are capable of tuning FM.


Sanity checking to data input via S2API to the cx demod. You want a radio, buy a radio. The drivers available for 2k gemtej XP will cause your machine to blue screen if you change frequiences to many times The installer won’t work unless you use WinXP’s compatibility mode set to Windows and the thing just generally has bad reception.

I’m looking for a good and hopefully inexpensive FM receiver so my dad can listen to radio shows on his PC.

Return error of the caller provides 0 commands. Drop code after return or goto Kirill A.

Radio devices – LinuxTVWiki

Frame counter ddecoder ALi m Yorkshire it’s grim oop north Registered: Nov 10, Posts: I couldn’t find anything on NewEgg but I know they exist.

This might be unique to my configuration Win2k SP3however.

With the recent patch to v4l2 titled “v4l2: Especially if you want to be able to pick up stations that are hard to receive. Bugfix related to syncing the cache when used with the old API.


PCI or USB FM receiver?

Subdriver m ALi added. Fix warning message for DMA done notification for inactive stream.

MPEG initialization in cx New subdriver ‘finepix’ added. Mon Jan 13, 7: A number of cleanusp from the last 24 months.