The error code is 0x1E. The card is a new blank card with default keys and settings. Here, you have defined that you would be using only 4 keys in your application. See here how CBC works: Let me put it in other words: Course Objectives and Goals

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The first response denotes the hardware releated data: I think, you mean: I solved the problem.


For example that function give me 37 49 for: If your answer is 6a would you mind specify me the calss and instruction of this command. I have another small question.

A bit advertising but could be helpful for some people. My problem is i am not able to run the DESFire commands because of the crypto processing errors.

Mifare Desfire communication example | Ridrix’s Blog

Right now I am using the GUI application they gave me. I already gsmprox some SAMv2 modules and readers ready to work with them. I am having difficulty myself generating the CRC for the change key command. Could you please help?


Hi Mustafa, Thanks a lot for your suggestion that saved a lot of my time and I got it right now. In my project, i used the reader PN Since most of the crc implementation use int variables and cannot use them inside the javacard applet, Do you have any idea to overcome this? Hi, i am facing problem in changing card master key to AES.

Hi Gabriel, your session keys are not correct. Block 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 2. If key is 16 bytes, and the first 8 bytes of the key are different from the last 8 bytes: If using the new style Start menu: Your email address will not be published. There are many codes on internet. Only problem is after i send 0x90 0xAF 0x00 0x00 0x32…. Login or signup for Full Icecat to access all product specs. You can interconnect different files in the same application. I create an application with this setting 0f The meaning of communication settings: While the if i do this before change ChangeKey keyi can change it.


I hope this information helps you Mustafa. Here I post the output of my program. Use a CD to perform an attended installation of Windows. Receptionist-Small Business works with your desk phone, soft phone, or mobile device so you can control calls, monitor the lines of employees.

Thank you in advance and any help is very welcome. Follow datasheet, I think the section of code above is correct. Hi Amila, the following document is explaining key diversification really good: Basically I wanna do: However my chnage key command is still not successful: