We love all 60 series, but for example the HJ61 provides the 60 series with a turbo-diesel 12HT engine that is perfectly paired with the chassis. Upward of inquiries via craigslist – only 10 of which actually resulted in scheduling a meet up, 6 of 10 have resulted in no-shows. Nostradamus , Feb 8, Either way, without a major investment, I wouldnt trust my childrens lives in it. There is no good place to rest your left arm while driving a Series Land Cruiser.

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I reread my rollover comment, I see the confusion. GuruDQM9T answered about a year ago. Fitzgerald36J and OSS like this. Would not trade it for the world.

daly The original suspension is totally flat, so an Old Man Emu lift kit is a high priority. Outdoor and Expedition Gear Parting Out In practice, I simply backed up enough to engage 4WD and built up enough speed for it to crawl and clamor its way over a deep snowbank and a shorter set of rocks meant to discourage the average crossover from getting stuck in the soupy sand beyond, then parked at such an angle that Hank and I could sit on the roof and watch the sun set over the ocean and across the other fj6 of North America.


It is equal parts regal and approachable, familiar and noteworthy.

Land Cruiser FJ62

When you truly know your vehicle, and can fix everything that can go wrong, that, my friend is the epitome of reliable. Great answers guys, your all totally full of crap, but nice try! I don’t care how many air bags your car has.

Fix it and drive it again, and there is that smile.

He lives in Houston, TX. I can even control the heat and fan from the steering wheel. PoopyLips answered 5 years ago.

FJ62 as daily driver

Blogroll What Now Atlanta: C mainly because of volume Avg. My with heated leather seats, NAV, all power including rear center window etc etc. I only go 14mi round trip to work. Don’t give into hype.

No one has ever daily driven an FJ You Might Also Like. June 30, 5: I’ll keep my LC, thanks. I get between MPG no matter what I do. Used Cars for Sale. I’ll send you the phone number of the guy who is importing them.


My 88 was purchased to be a driver, not really daily, but weekly for sure. Also, consider the amount of crap one keeps in their car unsecured.

We will have our kids in the I wouldn’t put my kids in some econo-box or Euro-trash with a flashy badge.

I love driving my 60 as much as I do my sports cars. Guru9SYZ answered about a year ago. I sit above traffic in my iron monster, weighing in at twice what new cars weigh in GVW. I never had a thought of not doing this. When you are actively driving, not texting, eating, shaving, putting on makeup, messing with the radio but actively driving defensively, you and your family will do better than some poor kids strapped into their safety seat with dumb chuckle-headed distracted parent driving some modern and heavily air-bagged and crumple-zoned.

Mikestoyotatruck answered 3 years ago.