I figured it may be nice to put all hacks on a USB memory key. Is this a known issue with 6. It seems like the WUSB11 may come in both varieties. It may be loaded concurrently with ehci-hcd. I have johnydeath’s boot cd and have used it to enable bash.

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And I firmly believe that either its use the easy tool or do a fair amount of work on your own.

To make it easier for you, I’ll quote it here: It points you to the newer drivers which should work on rc hardware. I get the following error: I compiled the needed wireless tools for the Tivo, but they do nothing as there are no WEs. I built one for 3. The only thing I don’t like about Ubuntu is the lack of software in the base install.


Any help for the Linux challenged, I’m not afraid to learn just need guidance. According to the webpage, this version of the driver actually breaks support for v2. Hmmmm, it worked just fine for me Fedora is more evolved I feel. I wish I could understand why Spatial is more efficient than Browser. That would be easier – not necessairly better.


I am a newb when it comes to hacking tivo. This is a big plus because it seems like the codebase is rewritten from scratch every few weeks, fixing one or two bugs and introducing a dozen more.

My SSID is default. Thanks a million once again ScarEye. Ubuntu is the first usable debian distro in my opinion. I have a hughes dvr40 and I upgraded my hd, ran the tivoscripts 1.

Alkid Windows USB

Had to add something to the backports. And GRC shows up that ping is possible. Not sure why but the tivo is either not taking the request or the router is not passing it along. You do need some scsi drivers.

[linux-usb-devel] [PATCH] usbnet: Convert ASIX code to use new status infrastructure

I ordered 40 cds to share out to fellow commuters on the train. Badness45, ndiswrapper lets you use windows drivers for linux. I probably wouldn’t hang around IRC for socializing I also have a dwl Getting an error saying that “iwconfig: Might need backdoors enabled; I dunno.


I entered in teh ifconfig command and was able to see that i have an ip address, but if i go to my laptop that is on the network and try to ping the tivo, I can’t see it. I hacked up the Makefile ala ADHand used the scsi dir as part of the include chain. fa1220

NETGEAR FA120 USB 2.0 Fast Ethernet Adapter Free Driver Download

I agree, bought has been very insightful. I managed to load the. Get off your ass and try it, then post the results. Can’t install english dictionary ether: