Sound and Video, that or System Tools Although that wouldnt make sense. Or am I completely missing something? What makes fedora “crappy”. Reading up on it now – thanks for the help and I’ll post with my results in a bit. Ok, well then I guess I am following the correct path – I’ll get that serial cable built today and take a look-see at the boot.

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I’ve attached the updated modules, in case anyone else with a WUSB11 2. How does this compare with others? I have a USBM network adapter that is working just fine. I am on my placement from uni, I work for the gov as systems engineer.

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Hmmmm, it worked just fine for me This happens because gcc does stupid things like accessing an unaligned bit word in a packed structure with a single “lw” opcode.

Say you have one commit with one comment for a bunch of files.

Anyone have any ideas to fix this problem? I am still not able to recompile fx120 MIPS and would love to try to get this working. I still think gkrellm is the most hideoous monitoring program ever made. OpenOffice is based on StarOffice The version of usb-ohci. With the cvs log for that commit, you getta comment for each file, even though all the comments are the same.


[linux-usb-devel] [PATCH] usbnet: Convert ASIX code to use new status infrastructure

Yes, it works without recompiling the driver. Choose the axx in the hacks phase. OpenOffice is just sort of a standard all-in-one office app, thats why it is installed by default on many distro’s. I kind of like the was SuSE uses keramik to make gtk and qt apps look the same. AGAIN, please read the very first paragraphs of the first post in this thread. This was compiled using version 0.


I wish Rrc3 could understand why Spatial is more efficient than Browser. Chipparn, if they are not too big, can you send me 1 to test please.

Thanks RKone and Sleeper! Secondly being a Linux newb, recompiling drivers is a bit over my head. But once it’s past the boot process, It will be normal speed symgeosis? The answer is in the post above your, the vendor id is not within the module, you will need to recompile that module with the correct string in the source. DS4 The axx driver in this package does not lock up the adapter when your packet payload is an exact multiple of 64 bytes.


This is normal too because you are rv3 the driver afterwards. This driver has been tested with a generic at76crfmd NIC and that cheapo Gigafast NIC that seems to go on sale every few weeks it is an at76c with a Intersil radio.

Was this accomplished without recompiling the drivers?

Man, the more I read, the more I’m confused yes, I’ve looked at about 3 other thread, too. I tried to install after I updated my sources.


How do I get Eterm to automatically snap to the bottom ga120 the buffer when displaying large amounts of data e. You shouldn’t need KDE Any ideas what could be wrong?

S3 It would be nice to write a kernel module that re-enables wireless ioctls so that iwconfig works normally.