When I open up media center it is very slow. I don’t know much about Elgato products, but I think you are playing with fire here. While Snapstream is providing minor fixes for Beyond TV, they are no longer actively updating and developing the software as they are focusing on commercial applications. For anybody else – you download the e driver, and actually use the e tuner selection. I might be out of date on that. I could’ve missed them, but I don’t know of any tuner available for Windows that is supported by the manufacturer on Mac OS, or any tuner available for Mac OS that is supported by the manufacturer for Windows.

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With my more recent love affair with my Macbook, choosing a new TV tuner meant it had to work with both Windows and Mac.

I have never owned a mac and have barely used one before. There are a few ways to do it but the way I.

Tried Cynergy but cannot get tuner software to work. Hi David, I can’t find the right drivers either and the link above doesn’t work anymore. Andrew September 8, at 1: Egetv 14 October External add-on [f 22]. Search for e to find the drivers I used. Information about what common and prominent DVR features are implemented natively without third-party add-ons unless stated otherwise:.


If your intrested check out The Register’s excellent review. It had to wait. Even though I rarely reboot to Windows, I would have purchased the Elgato with a lot less hesitation had I known eyev advance.

MEDIA – Elgato – EyeTV DTT Deluxe Drivers Download

However here is a direct link to the windows driver: List of digital television deployments by country. You may need to use WinRAR or some other similar tool to extract the drivers out of the file you downloaded if for example the drivers come with their own.

March 4, at 3: Thanks for the great effort in finding a Windows Driver for Elgato Diversity. Update – I put an extra 1Gb of RAM into my mini, upgraded to a Gbit switch on my lan to improve throughput between the mini and the NAS where I store my Recorded TV including the Temprec buffer and everything now responds adequately fast using the pctv drivers.

DriverMax – MEDIA – Elgato – EyeTV DTT Deluxe Drivers Download

It still doesnt ‘work right’. It saved me a lot of money! Free and open-source software. I think the ram was the main thing – MCE seems to google up a good Mb so a 1Gb machine isn’t really up to the job. Cheers, Andrew September 13, at 2: Sometimes I am unable to even view tv or get a signal, other times it can take minutes to tune in, and sometimes it is almost accaeptably responsive but never for long.


Comparison of DVR software packages – Wikipedia

General information [ edit ] Basic general information for popular DVR software packages – not all actually record. Well the drivers for the IR are also available within the driver.

I wasn’t going to forgo my shows for MasterChef! However, time has come after extended research on the web to buy a Mac Mini CD 1.

More specifically the EyeTV Diversity model seemed an attractive option with its purported ability to receive better signal strength with its 2 antennas and twin tunerstargeting it for mobile use. You are a star! For the uninitiated, to get this to work properly, we need to force an ‘incompatible’ driver to install. I might be out of date on that.

Nothing much has changed with the current MCE, it still has the same limitations since it was introduced. Windiws PC Links ffdshow tryouts – The 1 codec pack to rule them all!