This land where once the people were proud and free, now they cowered in fear and servility. I don’t fight for the money, don’t fight for the blood, I fight for my freedom, I know where I’m stood- I fight for the nations, that haven’t yet died, I fight to stop Russia, creating a world of sighs. No one knows what it’s like to feel these feelings Like I do, and I blamed you No one bites back as hard, on their anger None of my pain though, can show through. Media’s coming at us, we stand up strong Enemy of the White man, trying to kill our song We won’t fall before them, for there’s no turning back The cowards will not beat us, courage we won’t lack. Red flags, May Day, there’s gotta be a better way Red tanks, mass graves, Red liars always get their say ‘Cos the only good commie is a dead commie, it’s about time we learned That the only time our people are gonna taste freedom’s when the last Red flag is burned. As this is a White Europeans only appeal, it is certainly not the kind promoted in Brussels today.

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But really there is no excuse for doing what you do, living in a dream world, leave the fighting to the few To waste your life like this, must surely be a crime?

Skrewdriver:Excalibur Lyrics

It was meant to be, Why worry? Come on all you lads hear the patriots’ call. This demographic during their time as a band were skinheads in the British Isles. For the peace that you sought But for you, my old man, just see what peace has brought The peace has brought you nothing.

We were the country that had everything, we were the country, Rule Britannia we would sing We were the country, and we could never lose, once a nation, and now we’re run by Jews. Emphatic support and flair is reserved for that 19 th Century romantic and positivist nationalism which discredited itself so forcefully during the World Wars, first by creating the conditions for the first, and secondly for excesses of the second.

Skrewdriver – Excalibur tekst lyrics | Tekstovi Pesama

For the men that could save us, they will need to be backed No one should sit back, and leave it to the rest And every person’s courage, will be put now to the test. Wearing your Ben Sherman in the sun Trying to figure out just who to run Levi jeans, Doc Marten boots, and just hear the skinhead roar – Skinhead! I look inside myself and my heart’s turning black Act before the tragedy, we want our nation back Up ’til then some fade away, too scared to face the facts It’s not easy facing up, when your whole world seems black.


The then Home Secretary promised a full inquiry into his death. Well I just hope we don’t lose, things that once were ours Yeah I just hope we don’t lose, things that once were ours I think we better stand up, and rock ’em in their ivory towers Yeah I think we better stand up, and rock ’em in their ivory towers I said I think we better stand up, and rock ’em in their ivory towers My mother told me, when I was young Come sit beside me, my only son And listen closely, to what I say And if you do this, it will help you some sunny day.

Your bloodstained flags are tattered and torn As a another power-base is newly born Your evil empire came a’tumbling down The seas closed in and your power drowned.

Oh no, here comes a commie Says his revolution is nigh On no, here comes a commie Won’t you off and die? There seems to be a lot of people going around Thinking that they’re something they’re not Trendy little Lefties playing at big boys Trying to put us on the spot.

As with the communists and immigrants, Jews are shown as another part of the national problem. Can we still skewdriver Wagner and Verdi? When will our people take that bitter pill: Remember the victims of their bombs.

Paid for treason, against their own The stink of traitors always lingers on When we rise it’s their turn to hide We’ll smell their fear when it’s time to die. They come here to this country from the jungles and from trees Traitors in the parliament give them a better deal Spend the nation’s money, to cater ltrics their needs They all accept the charity, then bite the hand that feeds!


Skrewdriver – Excalibur lyrics

They became one of the first nationalist rock bands, playing a leading role in the third position rock against communism rac movement. Now our country’s, over-run Politcian, explain, what was happening in your brain Foreign intruders, that’s true, but I bet none of them live near you.

At the end of the brother war, the pain was so much more As the instigators stage-managed the dying, Das Sterbend And they tried to take your life, back in But I hope that the spirit once again is rising Aufstand. We’ve been through many battles, lost comrades on the way To give in quietly, well their, memories would betray So much march now onwards, to meet our destiny For fate is in our own hands, and that’s the way that It’s got to be now.

Interestingly, Jewish references, compared with communist ones, are relatively few, appearing in only five songs, but certainly there. And the people shout for justice, and none of your dirty little tricks. In some faithful heart is your memory enshrined? Hail the new dawn! Yeah, I needed, a time to get away I needed some peace of mind now, peace of mind that would stay Got away from the robbers, they told us all lies Left them there to dig their own graves now, left them there to die.

The king will rise again for our people’s sake. Stand up, and be counted. From this desert of destruction and despair, once more to the fore in his nation’s hour of need The lies of the media- left-wing!

My mind’s ablaze with tortured skrewdrjver, and sleep it will not come The lashing rains of uncertainty, make me think of things I’ve done in the past now Like to run from all this pain, I’m trapped upon the decks The storm’s approaching, the skies are dark, and dreams could be shipwrecked.