In the referenced posting, you suggest that time could be used better to fix bugs. It is not hard to see this submission as an attempt to retake control of that driver and, perhaps, restart the discussions from past years. It needs a firmware for operation. It’s might be quite a problem for Linux as a platform when developers with such access to the hardware specs as Markus can’t even properly contribute to the mainline kernel driver. Worked on my system.

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I have been reading a lot and looking for solutions to similar problems but I have been unsuccessful.

help with a real ezcap usb capture device please / Multimedia & Games / BunsenLabs Linux Forums

Posted Nov 11, Jonathan’s article is overall ok, but it starts right after the bad things happened when the mood of everyone was already below something good.

However, ekpia camera is working as I’ve plugged it into an analog display and the image is there.

It’s same as with Reiser4 Posted Nov 12, 9: It’s all a very sad story, especially compared with the success stories in v4l in the recent years: Experience with drivers merged under this policy has generally been positive; once those drivers head for the mainline, they get more attention and tend to improve quickly. Maybe Jon’s article can be the crystallization point for everybody to take a step back and go on a me2860 of compromise instead of confrontation hope springs eternal, I know The first poster explains what they did to get the captue device to work here I quote.


How To Properly Install USB Easycap Device In Ubuntu

ek2860 In my opinion it’s pretty much hopeless trying to convert the current em28xx driver into what you have. Multiple drivers are easily accepted as temporary solution, but then someone must merge support for other hardware – and then we have “reiserfs situation” where developer works for it’s own feature and against all others This was one possibility yes, but I also lknux out that the already available i2c-dev infrastructure could directly be used with the driver for setting up chips.

To obtain a local copy you can simply git clone the repository for the release you are interested in as shown below. In the end, some of the developers decided to just improve the version of the driver currently in-kernel rather than continuing to deal with Markus. I just have to figure out how to do this in the correct BBcode. Intel [HDA Intel], device 0: I just want to avoid spending hours on it again. So could anyone advise as to how I can set vlc settings the same as the second poster to get this to work.

The sad story of the em28xx driver

Only problem I had was finding the right combination of commands for the various utilites. During the time while working on it the driver already started supported more and more devices, and that small gap at the beginning became as linuz base for the entire code, everytime I tried to rework some bits in it it broke alot devices.


It’s same as with Reiser4. Posted Nov 15, 5: It is really important for me to get this working asap.

Em28xx devices – LinuxTVWiki

For SMI based devices exists a proceeding Linux-driver project: Please consider signing up for a subscription and helping to keep LWN publishing. Here the problem looks really similar, and it says that it uses the same empja. Mauro doesn’t explain his reason for not wanting both.

The sad story of the em28xx driver Posted Nov 13, What we have here is a classic story of an impedance mismatch between a developer and the development community. It can do some setup steps which the API currently cannot handle. For the stk based EasyCAPs exists another article on this wiki with further information. Here linu looks like this type of chip should be plug-ang-play.

It would avoid the confusion which can come from having two drivers for the same hardware in the tree, and it would minimize the risk of losing important fixes which have been applied to the in-tree code.

So in order to avoid that someone has to disallow the usbfs and i2c-dev interface. The simplest way to modify anything here is to run:.