The noise you hear in mplayer is in my oppinion the microphone and it becomes stronger because it amplifies the sound which comes out of the loudspeakers. Remove unused exports and save 98Kb of kernel size Mon Apr: I was only able to get sound with xawtv using the sox “redir” above. I had to remove the error checking because it always reported errors when I pressed a key even tough there were no errors. Does anybode can give me some advice? I’ve uploaded a patch against Markus’ tree that enables autodetecting of the gadmei utv With finetune, the best audio quality is at another place than the best video quality, so I can watch these channels, either with a good sound or good images, but both together doesn’t work.

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I assumed, it might be because of the kernel 2. This page was last modified on 9 Septemberat Retrieved from ” https: Please upgrade your drivers if you experience any problems with it.

If I had seen some indication of colours in some of the other cards I would have been a happy puppy box works, I have checked this with xp. Moreover, also the picture grabbing will not be continuous. Do emm2820 and sox need to be used at the same time, at all?


Archived talk:Em – LinuxTVWiki

I searched google for a way to connect Samsung M printer to my computer running ubuntu but i didn’ t find. Though I can use its recording tool and see the playback with mplayer, e.

I checked out the usb audio section, and did this bit:. GitHub is where people build software. I have the same problem.

Em2820 linux download

I learned that vdr was originally created for dvb cards but there seems to be some support for analog ones too But before upgrading I uninstalled the non-gpl-kernel-modules from my Suse I had the same problem with UHF. Everything is not synchronized!

All the sniffing is done in XP. In almost all my channels, my sound is very bad, I only hear a lot of noise. Does anyone have an idea getting the sound of pinnacle usb2 working? Without sox and sound it’s OK. Is there a way to run VDR 1. My tv-box has audio through an analog cable plugged into line-in and lijux not have audio through usb.


I want that the module is loaded automaticaly when I start linux. Finally i can watch TV on my Box! I have the same device at home I’ll try what you did, haven’t used that device for a too long time. I can’t modprobe the em28xx driver linux: Download dan modifikasi source- code driver. It just shows a frame and then gets blank.

EM28xx cards list — The Linux Kernel rcg7de6e5d documentation

Linux video capture interface: But still no idea what happened with xawtv. SMBus Quick command not supported, can’t probe for chips saax. I couldn’t update dvb-kernel from cvs – is this perhaps causing problem?

I also use tvtime with my Pinnacle pctv usb2 card. Are these inputs working at all in the drivers? Install sources for you current kernel with this command: