Let’s go back in time a bit. Only memory overclocking had a significant effect on performance, and even then, the performance boost was marginal. I was able to overclock the Gladiac to MHz on the core, and to MHz on the memory without creating visual artifacts. Four months later, in January of , the problem continues to exist. Everything about the new “GPU” looks great: There have been reports of Gladiac incompatibilities with certain systems.

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I used Coolbits, built-into the Detonator drivers, to do the overclocking. In the legend in the graph above, the system speed is represented by the first number, and bus speed by the second.

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The key to this goal: Obviously, the memory speed, rather than the core speed, is more of a bottleneck for GeForce2 GTS cards. Most features you could want in a 3D card High quality construction Really good drivers and utilities finally!

Texture and Lighting Engine: When overclocking the memory on the Gladiac alone, up from MHz to MHz, the 3D Mark scores went from toor about four and a half percent xx Eelsa next thing I wanted to check was if the PIII optimizations would fare better with a higher clock speed.

I installed the newer 5. Log in Don’t have an account?

No more black screens, no dlsa flashing textures, just good clean 3D acceleration! Let’s go back in time a bit. Full scene antialiasing FSAA can improve picture quality, but can also introduce some blurring of 3D objects. Getting a GeForce based card is next to impossible, causing you to throw in the towel.


ELSA Gladiac GeForce2

The newest Detonator-3 6. Once again, you are anxious to get one, regardless of cost. The problem is, you cannot find a GeForce card anywhere. The system booted into Windows without problems, but would not run any 3D application without hanging. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. As NVidia continues to further implement things like improved FSAA support, and level of detail bias controls in their driver set, there are less and less reasons for recommending a Voodoo5 card.

The image is sharper with the higher resolution, but more realistic with FSAA and a lower resolution.

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Unlike our earlier experiences testing GeForce cards, the newer Detonator drivers 5. The card did gladlac give me any problems at that speed.

The fact is, that any type of 3D hardware needs software support. In tests with the Celeron-2, the CPU is obviously the rate limiting factor in performance, since changing the resolution and color depth had little effect on Direct 3D performance.

With a fill rate of 3m2b. The graph below shows the results.

Elsa Gladiac 511 AGP 32mb Computer Graphic Card NVIDIA Geforce2 MX 3902a808

Retail stores claim the cards are on backorder while the manufacturers claim that it is the retailer’s fault. The layout of the board was nice, and the hardware appeared well built. No review would be complete without Quake III.


This time, however, availability is of no concern. I was able to overclock the Gladiac to MHz on the core, and to MHz on the memory without creating visual artifacts. This market presence will only continue to spread with time, as on the 4th of May all Fry’s Electronics stores should carry the card and soon to follow are distributors, 32kb that Glariac.

Setting FSAA to ‘full’ did not improve image quality over the middle setting to my eye.

The chart below compares results with default settings, and with a core setting of MHz, and the memory set to MHz. This suggests that the slider is more like an on-off switch than a slider. I think for most people, it will be a toss-up whether you prefer x with 32 bit color and no FSAA, or x with 16 bit color and mid-level FSAA.