Notice that I had to move the instance to a connection string parameter. The default install does not configure the SQL Browser service to start automatically so you must do it manually. Batch processing with executeBatch hangs or is unreliable on Sybase. In this case it’s the net. Follow these steps to make sure: Other I didn’t find the answer to my problem in this FAQ.

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Courtney Faulkner 1, 13 This is caused by triggers; replication is also implemented through triggers, so you will encounter this issue on replicated databases too.

This is what worked for me when trying to configure it to use windows authentication: The default install does not configure the SQL Browser service to start automatically so you must do it manually. These benchmarks are free to download so we encourage you to do it and run them yourself. A shot in the foor, but From the looks of your error message, it seems that either the sqlserver instance is not running on port or something is blocking the requests to that port. Properties can be passed to jTDS in one of three ways: A common mistake is to conection a semicolon “;” to the end of the URL e.

In this case the driver will substitute the parameters locally and use a normal “execute procedure” SQL call; however, this mode of execution is less efficient than an RPC. SQLServer runs the default instance over port urp Click here to find all the technical details This gives jTDS a 2x performance connetion over the next fastest driver in some not so uncommon cases.


MS SQL Server JDBC Driver and URL Information

Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Although this means that a “good” driver could “fix” this behavior, fixing it would imply caching the whole server response, equaling a huge performance drop.

Features such as generated keys retrieval, named stored procedure parameters, and save points are also implemented. Pratik Bhatt 4 Instead, the following syntax worked for me: The only major features missing from jTDS are connection pooling and row sets; the reason for cconnection these out is that there are free implementations available, probably much better than anything we could come up with. Is there any commercial technical support available for jTDS?

When executing large batches on Sybase the client application may hang or the response time may vary considerably.

This means among other things that it cannot access platform-specific features, such as determining the currently logged user and his credentials. So, for maximum compatibility, it is recommended that you use execute anytime you run queries returning more than one result even if the particular driver you are using allows you to do otherwise.

Memory usage keeps increasing when using generated PreparedStatements.

The “Connection refused” exception is thrown by jTDS when it is unable to connect to the server. The number of statements that are kept open simultaneously can be controlled with the maxStatements parameter; see the jTDS URL format for more information.


jTDS JDBC Driver

You are very probably using TDS 4. As a conclusion, when executing stored procedures that only return update counts output parameters will be available immediately, as jTDS will process and cache the whole response.

Bamboo will try to automatically migrate the database configuration during upgrade. In order to change that you have to specify it explicitly in the Properties or the URL you supply when you create the connection. As a conclusion the only safe multithreading scenarios are these: The “No suitable driver” exception is thrown by the DriverManager when none of the registered Driver implementations recognizes the supplied URL.

That syntax worked when connecting to the server and instance using SSMS, but it didn’t work when connecting through the Java driver. There are three possible causes to this if we exclude not creating the ResultSet with the appropriate type and concurrency in the first place:. The existing configuration should look similar to this: For the moment you can get technical support from individual developers of jTDS.