Remove two screws from the system board. Replace the display assembly. Disconnect the flex cable from the ZIF connector on the palmrest cover. Page 49 Presario Series Models: To replace the Heatspreader, reverse these procedures. Page 65 Presario Series Models:

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Compaq Presario review – Engadget

To remove a cable from a ZIF connector, lift both corners of the ZIF connector and slide the cable out simultaneously with constant light force. Turn off the notebook and external devices. The Buyer’s Guide Find it, buy it and tell us how you really feel. Diskette Boot has incorrect setting in Computer Setup.

Page 18 Presario Series Models: Close the display and turn the Notebook over upside down. When servicing this computer, ensure that cables are placed in their proper location during the reassembly cpmpaq. Pull down 1 the tab located on the end of the battery pack and then slide battery out of the chassis.

Check the keyboard connection. Page 86 Presario Series Models: Remove the battery pack pg To maintain the charge, leave battery preario in the computer when it is connected to external power.


System is in Suspend mode. The basic steps in troubleshooting include: Replace the RTC battery. When you perform a “self-test” on an external VGA color or monochrome monitor, the screen should be white.

Compaq Presario 1200

The cable is routed under the battery charger board and under the edge of the system board. This online guide is designed to serve the needs of technicians whose comaq is to repair Compaq products.

Page 33 Presario Series Models: Page 72 Presario Series Models: System initiated Hibernation due to a critical low-battery condition.

Metal objects can damage the battery pack as well as the battery contacts in the battery compartment. Remove the vdieo panel assembly pg Support the back of the display panel and remove two screws from each of the hinges. To replace the upper CPU cover, reverse these procedures.

Cannot boot from diskette. Optional memory expansion card is installed incorrectly, is incompatible with the computer, or is defective. Handle cables by the connector whenever possible. To clear the password, remove the RTC battery 1 for 30 seconds and replace it. Page 5 Presario Series Models: The label of “Compaq Presario ” includes a vast set of model numbers and revisions, many of which are not totally compatible, even though the machines share the same general Presario model number.


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Disconnect the flex cable from the ZIF connector 1200-xl1118 the palmrest cover. If the display data cable has the LVDS connector on the end as shown below, remove the connector by 1 grasping the edges of the connector and 2 gently pulling out the cable.

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Page 69 Presario Series Models: XLXL, XL, XLXL Since symptoms can appear to be similar, carefully preswrio the symptoms of the computer malfunction against the problem description in the tables to avoid a misdiagnosis.