Subjective to personal preference. More Expensive than Average to Benchmark Configurations. I strongly recommend it to anyone who is hesitant to move to Vista, but is looking for something newer than Windows XP. This is even more irritating as if the ports had been placed a little more bundled. Clevo DC 17″ screen up to x Clevo being very secretive, so cannot confirm if its Core i7 or not can only confirm that its a new Intel desktop platform definitely newer than current DC with P chipset using Nvidia SLI Sager portable PCs feature today’s most-wanted technologies, with the ability to integrate tomorrow’s innovations.

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The price is also right — unlike most other gaming systems which wirsless very inflated pricing — this boutique brand has got it just perfect. It is not much surprising that the very same computer offers more than you can expect on the notebook sector. If you ever have a chance to try out a Clevo notebook especially the high-end modelsyou will find that they have superior build quality and design as compared to mainstream notebooks. However, if you are used to carrying around flimsy portable laptop speakers — no need for those, as the DC takes care of it for you.

The 2GB working memories maybe could be regarded as a “bottleneck”. As you can see from the following benchmarks, this laptop performs extremely well especially in hard drive performance. The new socket and chipset allows the computer to utilize Dual-core, Quad-Core, even Hex-Core power with Hyperthreading on each physical core, if the processor supports it.



Other requests will be considered. Where can I purchase a Clevo notebook? We show the least amount of ads whenever possible.

Clevo DC Review

The power adapter is also massive, and probably weighs more than some ultra-portables out there. Overheating time to clean out the dust: HSDPA option, wifi, etc Results could have been better however — we can only conclude that PCMark05 does not fully exercise multi-processor capabilities.

While Sager units may never win beauty contests, and this unit is not an exception, I have to admit that their design has come a long way.

The Sager technical team constantly develops smaller, faster, and more powerful portable solutions. O yes, three hard disks with GB capacity each are also to be found in the casing. So, no wonder of the purchase price for the DC equipped comparable to the review sample ranges around 3, I never noticed the system get too hot either — the palmrest remains comfortable, although you may not want to use the system on your lap.

CLEVO Driver Download

After the sale in addition to technical support we will also be there for the customer in regards to any technical question. Alas, about a week later wwireless I was preparing the benchmarks for this review, it looked like another hard drive was about to break down. Quality journalism is made possible by advertising. This happens independent from the choosen energy profile.


Sager NP9261 Quad Core Notebook Review

This is very important because most of the time, your laptop is waiting for hard disk IO to complete. Danishblunt Dec 27, at 9: However, the processor is not the full story.

Looking at wPrime, however, we see the DC smokes away all the competition. A slightly but negligible springing back of the screen could be observed.

There were unfortunately two dead pixels on the screen, which is unusual for Sager systems. Cash, more details here: Turn off the computer, Clevo DC User Manual.

Q1 The next “King of Notebooks” The lowest volume measured in idle running was with Preface Related Documents You may also need to consult the following manual for additional information: