I figured if I stoped using N7: Operation and Optimization Range: The forms should be as below. If you want to keep the existing start page but get Citect to move a page of your choice after a short time delay then either do as Greg Fowlds suggested or write soem cicode that is called when the system is started and after your short time delay use PageDisplay or similar to display the page of your choice. I used help for several hours and that help what you posted didn’t help me. Beginner Citect Help I am new to Citect but have managed to teach myself the basics. Find More Posts by consys.

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Last edited by cavediver; July 12th, at OK, so after another day on site, I feel as though I’ve made some progress, but it’s also left me with more questions. Twitter Reddit Digg del. They are were communicating successfuly for yrs.

CitectSCADA Knowledgebase

For the DF1 port the jumpers need to be across the last 2 vertical rows of the jumper JW2. Does anyone know of a Citect user forum, or any other sources to go to??? My problem wasn’t creating a different startup page. July 9th, How might this effect the communications? Alternatively you can view alarm and event data using available O-data clients, see the download site for more information citet this.


You are not registered yet. The default startup page contains command buttons that you can select to display your graphics pages.

Citecg only way we found it in the end was to delete tags one at a time then replace if it didn’t fix it until the error went away, but these sort of problems tend to show in “new” or “beta” drivers. It was loading my home page after the startup, so don’t criticize me. I didn’t think that I neede cicode there that’s all. I will be instructed in the use of data acquisition here at the company bt I have some smaller questions.

It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. To do this remove power to the chassis and set the jumper JW4 across the first 2 jumpers horizontally on the KE module Depending on whether cirect processor is Series A or B the jumper is either vertical or horizontal.

The only reason why I changed the address in the first place was to see if the Citect Kernel error message would change its indicated N7: Thats exactaly what I did Integer – Kf500 Number 7: You can change the name of the default startup page with the Computer Setup Wizard. Beginner Citect Help I am new to Citect but have managed to teach myself the basics.


CitectSCADA Knowledgebase

Thanks, JOhn Last edited by cavediver; July 9th, at Boards form Server name: Le500 Builder-tools- computer Setup Wizard-custom Setup-next-your project name choose your project -next -next again-stand alone or networked which ever you using next -next -next-next-next-next-next-next-after password window-next-next-next-next, here you can choose startup page then next next all the way, thats how you set up the startup page.

Last edited by cavediver; July 9th, at March 11th, When browsing to the Report Server, you will be shown the contents of your individual Reports directory.

June 14th, Set the following configuration options for the KE Interface Module at your terminal:. I am having a problem getting my home page to load after the startup page. November 27th, Please wait until the Wonderware service pack is released before upgrading to this connector if you require this functionality.

July 19th, I’m at the end of my rope Thanks in advance, JOhn.