Posted 28 August – It does not feel good, even on sweet spot shots. Posted 02 May – The FT-3 was very straight to slightly left on all solid hits I thought that the X tour might be marginally longer and marginally flatter than the FT-3 tour. So far, the club has delivered mostly straight shots, but dissapointing distance. It is not just when I hit a ball though it is all the time as if something is broken off inside the club head.

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The was never as consistent as the K that preceeded it with the Titleist Speeder. In woods, adjusting the face thickness with VFT Technology maximizes ball speed and perimeter weighting for more distance and forgiveness.

In the end, the high kick point shaft did the trick. I had a gift certificate to the Sports Authority and figured I would give it a try. Club is in good condition with wear from normal use, no major dings or scrapes.

Callaway X Driver | eBay

toud But, with a new driver in the bag I goof putting for birdie on 3 or the 4 par 5’s Saturday. Finally, the X Tour Driver features two other core Callaway Golf technologies that have helped make the Company’s drivers the choice of golfers of all skill levels for years: After some time I learned again what ggolf great and mediocre struck shot sounded like.


Have played it enough to get a good feel for it. Performance Once I was able to teach my new dog how to sit at address, it really is a good club for the money. Callaway X 10 degree driver that tpur in good playable condition.

My SS is to and I’m more of a hitter than a swinger. I have the tour version of this club and i think its fantastic and it didn’t break the Bank paying for it. Callaway is renowned for making great drivers.

This helps golfers of all abilities to consistently align the driver at address. Like you, mine also sets up closed and I have to readjust it every time before teeing off.

Even my miss hits went straight. It’s as long as any new Driver I’ve hit, though not quite as forgiving. Advertise with us Privacy Terms.

The feedback is very good and you know exactly where you hit the ball every time. Smooth, light weight, and forgiveness is a recipe for longer drives and increased callway. Expert editorial reviews, breaking golf tour and industry news, what to play, how to play and where to play. With my oldI was averaging yards off the tee.

I can feel more of the vibrations through impact and this extra feedback is welcome most of the time. Original Fujikura light flex graphite shaft and Winn rubber grip in good condition.


Tried the X Tour The ting sound very goodcompared to the other clubs.

So the Consistent Alignment Sole coupled with my crooked clubface made it hard for the simple little tweak at address. Hit it on the LM and it had way too much spin for me so I tried the Cally x and the spin was much better and the club a lot more forgiving. On the back nine I decided to tee the ball differently.

Callaway X460 Driver

Fourth … TING … Callzway NV was what was giving me grief with the T. I bought the X Tour model because I wanted a fair comparison with my FT-3 Tour but the first thing I noticed about my d460 was the closed face.

Your email address You must enter a valid email address. I thought that the X tour might be marginally longer and marginally flatter than the FT-3 tour. Posted 09 October –