I can’t get my bt card Hauppauge WintV to pick up any channels in Lucid. The chance that someone with the same card listens there is much higher Release notes for bttv 7. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. Infrared remote control support in video4linux drivers 3. Most grabber board vendors use these pins to control an external chip which does the sound routing. Do you have to manually un-mute your line-in setting in Volume Control in order to hear TV sound?

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Hauppauge for telling how the sound input is selected and btyv components they do and will use on their radio cards. In order to get sound please refer to the excellent instalation guide for Windows XP and hardware modification this second bit applies to linux too http: This is what I’ve done Debian Sarge testing, kernel version 2.

With your TV tuner card installed and Linux booted, load the module that corresponds with your tuner card as root. Retrieved from ” https: MTV Package comes with different contents: I tried sudo apt-get remove –purge each of the files and it supposedly removed them.


The Virtual Video Test Driver vivid Install a TV Tuner. Newer msp34xx versions support this. The lspci command can give you a clue about which card you have.

Bttv – MythTV Official Wiki

This is desirable since the video will request the bus more often. Views Read View source View history. The bt8xx chips have 32 general purpose pins, and registers to control these pins. Brooktree Corporation Bt Audio Capture rev 02 The arbiter decision may then continue asynchronously until GNT is again asserted.

Install a TV Tuner – Linux Multimedia Hacks [Book]

Some mainboard have problems to deal correctly with multiple devices doing DMA at the same time. The driver for the msp34xx sound processor chips. I plan to experiment with setting different mixer configs to see if linxu help.

There are a lot of different systems used for TV sound all over the world. It worked out of the box on Jaunty and previous releases.

Also of interest is the note on getting sound to work with a bttv device: The ivtv driver Most common TV tuner cards will use the bttv driver, but check both lists and see if you can find your card. The first step is to identify the chipset and Linux module your tuner card uses.


CONFIG_VIDEO_BT848: BT848 Video For Linux

I may have missed a couple of options. This page was last modified on 28 Octoberat In your dmesg output, you should see quite a bit of output related to that module being installed:.

US [2][3]. The file is in the pvr45xxx. Another one with bt support is available from http: Has to be something I am missing. Thus the arbiter defaults to the video function at power-up and parks there during no requests for bus access.

Typhoon TV card series: From that point on, everything that I did has made it worse. I’ll admit to not poking around a bunch with them so perhaps there’s an easier fix.