The cartridge is not a valid Code Upgrade cartridge. Using Your Dlt7 Autoloader Locate an available power cable in the host server or workstation and attach it to the power connector on the rear panel of your DLT1 Internal Drive. If the selected server or workstation does not already have an installed SCSI-2 host adapter, install one now. Always store your DLTtape cartridges in their storage cases. If any LEDs blink or if the Alert LED is illuminated again when you insert another cartridge immediately after cleaning, see Table 4 on page for more information. Using The Cleaning Cartridge

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Control Mode Page 0ah If you notice any damage, report it to the shipping company immediately.

Mode 2 – Load Slot The SCSI connectors are ssi, preventing improper connection. Device Status Log Page 3eh Caring For Your Cartridges Key To Indicators Loading A Cartridge Call Technical Support for repair service. Release Unit 17h You must ship your DLT1e Desktop Drive in the original or equivalent packing materials to preserve your warranty. Inspect the shipping box for damage.


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Receive Diagnostics Results 1ch – Data Format If the firmware upgrade process completes successfully, the drive automatically ejects the Firmware Upgrade Tape. Codes 00h And 01h Parameters For Send Diagnostic Sequentiql SCSI terminator might be loose or missing. Your DLT1 tape drive automatically unloads any other cartridge types and any cartridges whose format it cannot read. Press and hold the Unload button for 6 seconds, then bnchmaark the Unload button again to reset the drive and unload the cartridge.

Quantum DLTtape DLT1 Manuals

Dlt7 Autoloader Error Messages Other Scsi Functionality Chapter 1 Introduction On The DLTtape cartridge is loaded and ready to use. Drive Status Messages Please observe the following conditions: Bus Parity Errors Press the Unload button or use your backup software to unload the cartridge.

To terminate your DLT1e Desktop Drive, locate the terminator in the accessories package and press it firmly into either of the two SCSI connectors on the rear panel of the drive. POST will complete after 13 seconds. The cartridge does not contain a valid code upgrade image file.


During a firmware update, take reasonable precautions to prevent a power failure. Refer to Table 5 for troubleshooting information. Scope Of This Guide Doing so prevents extra characters from being added to the image file, which would sequenhial the image file invalid. Element Status Header – Data Format When the In Use indicator is steadily illuminated, the drive has loaded the cartridge.