I would also like to know what bios revision i should use with the proc you suggest. If you can hit I say you are fortunate. Well heres the deal. Mon Mar 25, 3: Feb 18, Posts: The remapped multiplier will only work in jumperfree mode where the CPU will be autodetected at mhz. Can you confirm or deny that?

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Apollo KTA A Seamless Path to Greater Performance The VIA Apollo KTA chipset adds an ultra

I live in ann arbor. Mon Mar 25, 5: Not bad for an original socket A board. Dec 3, Posts: But the A7V only has 4 sets of switches and 4 traces to the cpu apo,lo A.

Mon Mar 25, 1: Jul 6, Posts: Finally he set the mobo Multiplier dip switches to 8X. Well heres the deal. So we’re never “absolutely” sure the chip should work with any bios.


No, there are no multiplier settings above what the already uses. Gosha16 Ars Scholae Palatinae Registered: Jun 23, Posts: Otherwise, use BIOS Apoollo not my opinion.

At this point I only want to upgrade the processor and heatsink. I have read up on this question at asus’s site, searched this forum and a7v troubleshooting. The max Multiplier you can set this way on the A7V is I’m running the 1. Mon Mar 25, I gave you the apolo.

Asus A7V revision 1.02 w/Via Apollo KT133 Chipset. 200MHz FSB. Needin help bad…

System will autodetect and run at mhz I’ve run my FSB stable at for mhz. Originally posted by Jim Z: In the case of wanting to run the 1.

I cannot paollo that it works with BIOS Believe it’s just a neat “mod” that sharp person figured out. Yes, but hope we didn’t imply that’s the result of official Asus support. Mon Mar 25, 3: Dec 28, Posts: I suppose, theoretically, the chip would work with any BIOS though. I have the Asus A7V revision 1. So the A7V can only reset the 1st 4 bits. LBJGK posts the forum where “he” saw the mod and describes it just as we did but in a bit lesser detail.


I’ve bookmarked it for future reference but, personally, I think I’ll probably ride out this mobo with the 1.

VIA’s Apollo KTA – VIA In Shape: 6 Motherboards using the renewed KTA Chipset

Hello Again All, Just found another thread here which talks about the idea in our post above. If you can hit I say you are fortunate. Mon Mar 25, 2: