It’s tough to find mobile PC gaming in a package that’s neither too big nor too small. We still love that aggressive design and sleek lines that warns people about its seriousness. Alienware belongs to the mid-sized manufacturers of the notebook market. This display size represents a treshold between the small sizes of subnotebooks and ultrabooks and the standard-sizes of office- and multimedia laptops on the other hand. However, even the minimum specs will blow any other 14 inch laptops out of its way.

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M14x Ethernet Controller Driver

Truth be told the price is actually remarkably reasonable given the excellent build quality, bling, and extra features. If this was priced closer to 60K wishful thinking, I know!

The light around the laptop is customisable including the section underneath the keyboard and surrounding the trackpad. This weight is representative for typical laptops with a inch display-diagonal. Hot Hardware As we noted early on, gamer-class notebooks seem to get a lot of attention around here and elsewhere. And for good reason, top-shelf notebooks like Alienware’s M14x are a pleasure to use for a number of obvious reasons. Rear power cord positioning via a standalone port and a slot-loaded optical drive complete the ultimate streamlined package.


And built-in Klipsch speakers feature THX TruStudio Pro, which enhances your audio experience by producing big sound from built-in speakers. It’s plenty fast enough to play all games but just not when looking their best, and for a gaming oriented machine that’s crucial.

From a design perspective the M14x is full of positives.

I’m talking about the configuration and cooling design, and these are things that significantly limit what you can do with the M14x. The iteration remains the same as the previous ones. Be tehernet first to review this item. Be prepared with the Alienware M14x. Trusted Reviews There’s no denying that Alienware’s Single Review, online available, Long, Date: Performance in games was above average and considering that the whole package weighs less than 6 pounds, is even more impressive.

Seamlessly integrated rubberized edges protect the screen when the lid is closed.

I can see why the M15x was replaced with this laptop. Designed for Gamers The Alienware M14x features tapered edges designed for style as well as comfort. It looks great, with its sleek ‘stealth-bomber’ lines, red or black matte finish and individually controllable light zones.

We appreciate that the price tag is going to be high given fthernet build quality and SSD, but ultimately there are alternative gaming notebooks that cost the same or less with vastly better graphics cards. Standard Notebook Keyboard Features: The Creative Sound Blaster chipset ensures extreme 7. This laptop doesn’t forget the little things, either, like USB 3. Single Review, online available, Very Long, Date: There’s also plenty of connectivity, decent battery life and all the specifications you could wish for.


As nice as Alienware? Dell M14x R2 reviews. However, even the minimum specs will blow any other 14 inch laptops out of its way.

M14x Ethernet Controller Driver | NotebookReview

Nothing much was done in terms of weight and chunkiness too. The smaller inch screen is still fine for gaming, thanks to its sharp x resolution.

CNet Typically, the difference between a inch laptop and a inch one is very slight, although we generally prefer the smaller of these two options for the sake of portability. Akienware Rig Considering the small size of the Alienware M14x, it was really impressive to see it etbernet so well in all the benchmarks. At least there is one brand that still thinks of those gamers who depend on their laptop for gaming.