These factors contribute to the accuracy of value information and should be factored into your assessment. I am very happy I purchased these. Now that I am used to the club it goes dead straight. I sometimes hit the ball with the 3, and have been pin high on a yard hole once, I think I had a tail wind on that shot. I think it is because I don’t change grip pressure at the top of my swing like I did with my heavier old clubs. In the past this shot was a pain to nail.

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That said I am much, much more accurate with these clubs, as I mentioned before. Yes I’m very pleased with the set of Adams clubs that I purchased. If you’re looking for game improvement irons look no further!

I’m about a 16 handicap, and I shot a 40 on the front nine with these clubs. Lots of storage options, including seven pockets, with a hidden valuables and ball compartment.

Get the graphite shafts for the full benefit of the ldea. Both are the hybrid type, but when grounded in position they look like a normal iron without any bulge sticking out. Adams A7OS cured my Iron problems.

a7ow I had trouble with my titleist XL hybrid and even had one class with my golf instructor just for hybrid, still not great. The A7OS irons have a slight draw bias so they go straighter f or me.


I am ordering a full set adqms on my experience with the 7 8 irons. They look great, are very forgiving, and are much longer than my previous cobra irons. The graphite shafts and lighter weight have made me more accurate with all of my clubs.

Adams Idea a7OS Hybrid

If you searched for discount golfgolf swinggolf fitnessSun Mountain speed cart, Clicgear cartor junior golf clubsyou’re on the right site. We have the golf GPSgolf swing video, golf instructiongolf teesgolf simulatorsgolf storegolf shopand most products that are golf related.

I am much more accurate with the 4H and 5H. I rarely hit an errant shot anymore with these clubs. I love the PW in the new set from 60 to yards, the light weight allows me to control the distance Adaams ht the ball like never before, but the PW and the GW do not allow me to stop the ball on the green quickly.

They have a solid feel and fit my eye and swing.

They work well from any type of lie, bare to fluffy. Once you learn the trick to hitting with, it’s a great club. Had a set of Adams A3OS irons and liked them but they had a fade bias so often would end up a little right afams where I wanted them to go.

Reviews: Adams-Golf-Idea-a7OS-Hybrid-Utility-Club-Golf-Club | eBay

I got them and was so excited that I took them out of the box and immediately went out and played a round and idwa my lowest nine hole score ever.


A Golf Digest Gold Medal pick, these clubs have helped my game tremendously. Even for somebody who hits their long irons well, as I did, I recommend these particular Adams a7 OS hybrids.

Cart strap and trunk handles make for easy toting from trunk to cart. The ebay price was better than I could find anywhere else.

This was also my first round of the year, so I wasn’t expecting much. Great Clubs Bought this after researching new clubs mine were 12yrs old. Additional kit can be special ordered in the Bronze color to expand the clubs in the set.

Adams Idea a7OS Hybrid

I am extremely happy with them, and I wouldn’t trade them for any other clubs. Skip to main content. Overall I love the feel and forgiveness in this club. Mallet design with soft feel and an alignment aid that makes lining up putts easier and more accurate. I should say that I love all of the clubs, with the possible exception of the GW, which does not impart much back spin for a fairly high lofted club.