Groove wear may be heavy, but I’m sold on the forgiveness, distance, and accuracy. The Tech A4OS is a fairly forgiving club and should work well for any player. The wedges are truly hideous. This club was in perfect condition except for a worn grip. Want MyGolfSpy’s email newsletter?

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Kiwi 10 years ago.

From out I don’t hesitate to go for the green. Love my hybrid fairway wood I am a weekend hacker. Joel 10 years ago. The weight on this one makes it feel more like an iron than a wood so I guess thats why i hit it better. Item has been played for several seasons, and has been heavily used, but not abused Adams women’s hybrid 5 This club was in perfect condition except for a worn grip.

I never realized you made woods to go with set. A must try for anyone that has trouble with fairway woods. Also officially confirmed now is the updated Adams Puglielli wedge line, complete with a new feature called the Fly-Cut face.


Reviews: Adams Golf Idea Tech A4OS Hybrid Hybrid, Utility Club Golf Club | eBay

Grip needs to be replaced. Wedges have always been a problem. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.

Because the A4 driver is still one of the best drivers we have hit in years.

Adams A4 Irons

Adams Golf Lineup! Adams A4 Tour Iron Set. Want MyGolfSpy’s email adama Very solid 3 wood. This was by far the finest feeling combination for me from an off-the-rack club that I have ever felt.

Adams Idea Tech a4OS Iron Set at

I am a weekend hacker. It is behaving like the one I used to have and sends the ball long and straight. Displaying 1 adaams 10 of 13 reviews Paginate left 1 – Current Page 2 Paginate right. This iron set has been played with great frequency.

When a friend puchased a hybrid set I tried his A3 and found it was the easier to hit than any wood in my bag. No I don’t work for the company – I am just a weekend enthusiast that x4os what works for me. At the end of the ball flight, the ball tailed off to the right about yards and then ran a fair amount.


I avams going to get fit for a driver next weekend but no longer need to. Good condition with normal use. I bought one with the Aldila “Proto By You” shaft, which is a mid to mid-h igh launch shaft, and it is a perfect match for my game.

The A4 driver is Nasty! Have been very happy with most of the clubs.

Adam most golfers know, hybrids are easier to make a quality strike on the ball than long irons. I have always played a heavey shaft but was looking for a little more swing speed with less effort, now that I am a liitle older. Yeah they have almost mastered the hybrid. Dec 13, 44 Comments.

I ordered the a4 Driver with the set-up I just described.