HorizSync may be a comma separated list of discrete values, or a comma separated list of ranges of values. I do not understand, why the default resolution is x, even if my current xorg. As you can see here: Chose mode 10e at 70Hz. On Debian based systems you need the package libgl1-mesa-dri to enable 3d acceleration. No assignee Edit question Last query:

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Mon Mar 20, 3: It is impossible to use the PC with x resolution.

Question # : Questions : xserver-xorg-video-savage package : Ubuntu

Originally posted by Archangel Mychael: Now the resolution of the logon screen is x, but when system sets video settings just after loginworkspace changes to x scaled to the whole screen.

Jul 18, Posts: No direct rendering with savage 86C As you can see here: Tue Nov 18 Use s3switch to change display output in software.


Adding extended input device “Macintosh mouse button emulation” type: Option “CrtOnly” “true” Its kind of wacky as if this works, when you want to use the PC on the road, you will have to change it.

Video is corectly identified as savage video.

Wed Feb 13, 6: Aavage, the resolution is still only x First, why wouldn’t it have that symbol which I thought was used by all dri drivers? Found 13 modes at this depth: I tried to find it this afternoon, but can not find it quick, Display posts from previous: Chose mode at 72Hz.

Sometimes in this situation it’s necessary to grab a window from the ghost monitor and drag it into view.

II resource ranges after preInit: Launchpad Janitor janitor said on Chose mode at 70Hz. Installation jammed during loading of partition wizard.

This can lead to a problem if X is configured for this, but the external monitor has been detached.

On Debian based systems you need the package savave to enable 3d acceleration. Using vrefresh range of Maybe instead of mesa git head, you should try working with a mesa version that is known to be compatible with your version of xorg-server e.


I’m using an IX Itronix gobook.

S3 Savage IX8 – ThinkWiki

None Link to a FAQ. Try disabling DDC adding this to your Device section: A single specific screen section may be specified from the X server command line with the “-screen” option.

All other questions are also valid in the previous message. Entry deleted from font path. Detected current MCLK value of It looks like the issue is too tricky to get solved