For a cleaner display, suppress the time base view of the channel 1 signal. By turning up the “sample rate” and using the FFT math function, find out at what high frequency the noise amplitude falls off by half. Most Active Software Boards: Is the amplitude scale on the A spectrum log or linear? Message 9 of

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Visit a National Instruments webpage tutorial on aliasing here. Hello everyone, I am actually a student making an internship, and I am trying to programm a A waveform generator in MatLab.

Build Array on right See the 8 categories below. Message 6 of I have a A with 16MB memory.

Increase the input frequency up to 39KHz. I guess the driver hasn’t been installed. The sampling theorem will be one of the most important constraints you’ll learn to work with in instrumentation.

In order to download arbitrary waveforms over 64K points to the A and A you must convert to binary. Labvuew 33XXX drivers replaced the drivers.

using agilent a with labview

Message 10 of First, there is no soft front panel, as the HP A can be controlled from it’s hardware front panel. I have another little device conditioning cabinett which supports RS We started seeing some random bursts hours or days appart and trying to find th When you get the VI open and it shows you missing subVI’s, turn on context lzbview and hover over them.


Labvied not include hpa. Is there anyone out there who is famailar with the usual causes of this instrument that would b Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

generating pulse with 33120A in labview

Type labvidw filter by text Filter by tag Sort Sort by date created: Thanks for your reply. The HP A driver is located in a self-extracting archive file called hpa. It includes a comprehensive on-line help file which complements the instrument manual. All of references which follow assume Windows You should be able to toggle between the two burst rates For Windows NT, change references to win95 to winnt.

Transportability across different computer platforms 2. When it is searching for the VI’s go to the standard location where you installed them on your machine and pick them out.

I tried to isntall driver agilent 33XXX series, but inside the folder, I don’t see the files which labview wants. I installed what ever I saw in National instrument website This file can be found in the vxipnpwin95hpa directory. Does anyone have the code to Generate a Standard sine wave on the waveform generator thru a VB. When done, save your main VI so that it will remember the subVI locations the next time you open it.

  INKI 1 - 078 DRIVER


FNAM, and then write to th I tried to change some of them, but I can’t find some others.