I might be tempted to find a driver with a bit of added forgiveness but it was hard to find fault with this solid driver. I am looking to change, but after reading article I am left totally mixed up. If they come out with a super tri fairway it will be in the bag. Less of chance for you to lay out the sod. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I hope they’ll replace it for you.

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I like the R9 becaus e there are fewer supeertri compared to the R11S. The crown has also been reshaped in an effort to reduce air drag as the head cuts through the air on its way to the ball. He is happy as a pig and I will happily hang on to my Burner for a while longer.

I play to a 4 handicap but feel this head is suitable for any talent level looking to hit more fairways. As well the 85 g shafts were lighter giving me a couple of additional MPH on supertru swing speed as compared to the other sets ā€” again a bit more distance. I’m adjusting to a slower swing speed so I decided to try the Supertri with a regularshaft.

Taylormade R9 Supertri Driver Siff 8. A new TaylorMade Driver sure would round out the golf bag nicely! A few golf shops still have sets at great buys. Notify me of new posts by email. I recently bought an R9 TP 9. It did not supsrtri the best but I went with what superhri trac man data said.


So join me as we see the latest and greatest from the folks at TaylorMade. I 71 years old, have a I would like the movable weights with the adjustable hosel, but I want to keep the spin under control.

I play Adams Idea Pro Golds now and was looking to pick up more distance and forgiveness. Took them for a trip out to the range today.

Reviews: TaylorMade R9 Supertri Driver Golf Club | eBay

Hopefully,this will also be the last driver TaylorMade releases for awhile as tayolrmade. At this point I have not made any of the 24 club head adjust ments that are possible with it and have kept it in the neutral position.

And since they took weight out of the head, putting in a shorter shaft will require more additional adjustments to get the swingweights right than is worth it.

There was no comparison ā€” the Burners simply felt smoother to swing, crisper off the club face and a little longer yards with a 7 iron. The only reason for the shaft adapter in the new R9 looking different from last years, was to save weight, a common theme in the design, they use less metal in the new adapter and have managed to make it 3 grams lighter. I am a 4 handicap and typically score taylormae my distance off the tee which leads to a lot a wedges in.

For those who like to tweak their clubs, the TP version might be for you. This driver has every adjustment necessary. Now you can do the same thing without the worry about tayoormade damage to your club.


I did not know this was taylormace until I compared one against the other on the range. All I can say is save your money and take a lesson from a golf pro. I’ve forgotten my password. Robert is the longest driver on tour, with or without the R9.

TaylorMade R9 SuperTri

Every good player I know is looking for less spin. My only concern with all the options is that I might screw around with settings myself rather than having the settings set for my under the watchful eye of my instructor. As a result, I believe that I am hitting dupertri ball further and feel that my drives are straighter. A OEM produces a club with a larger face as they knowingly made it so long in shaft nobody can hit the centreā€¦ well at least they admit it.

Does anyone actually have a review of the Burner Irons and what TM is trying to do? Even though the Burners are considered more of a game improvement iron than the others, the feel is pretty close and distance is noticeably better ā€” about a club longer.